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1) Message boards : Number crunching : 50 years First ARPANET Connection Challenge (Message 133994)
Posted 17 hours ago by dthononProject donor
Some things change drasticaly
The first-generation Interface Message Processors (IMPs) were built by BBN Technologies using a rugged computer version of the Honeywell DDP-516 computer, configured with 24KB of expandable magnetic-core memory,
but others don't change that much
but the system crashed
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Suggestions for 2020 Challenges (Message 133986)
Posted 1 day ago by dthononProject donor
I like the idea of GFN-17LOW, to finish the sub-project, but it is probably too early for 2020. When we get closer to the end, we could imagine an open-ended challenge that stops when there are no WUs left.

For 2020, my choice would be
large (>19) GFN
3) Message boards : Number crunching : World Maths Day Challenge (Message 133947)
Posted 2 days ago by dthononProject donor
It's cleanup time! This should be a quick cleanup. 2 to 4 weeks, most likely.

World Maths Day Cleanup:
Oct 15: World Maths Day: 33624 tasks outstanding; 25620 affecting individual (288) scoring positions; 9295 affecting team (59) scoring positions.
Oct 16: World Maths Day: 17381 tasks outstanding; 11405 affecting individual (270) scoring positions; 2201 affecting team (36) scoring positions.

Extrapolation :
17/10/2019 8985 18/10/2019 4644 19/10/2019 2401 20/10/2019 1241 21/10/2019 642 22/10/2019 332 23/10/2019 171 24/10/2019 89
4) Message boards : Storm message board (Message 133938)
Posted 2 days ago by dthononProject donor
Just about an hour left, looks like 11th.

Yes, and we are in 10th position for the full year. We should find a few more members to help us for the next challenges.
5) Message boards : Storm message board (Message 133855)
Posted 4 days ago by dthononProject donor
I dumped a good few from an offline box earlier, 11th place now :)

By the way, how do you manage offline tasks. I did not figure out an easy way to do it.
6) Message boards : Storm message board (Message 133851)
Posted 4 days ago by dthononProject donor
Nice one, as we were getting a bit outpaced by team2ch. Let's see how it goes during the last day.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : World Maths Day Challenge (Message 133840)
Posted 4 days ago by dthononProject donor
Please show me the rule stating aborting tasks is not allowed, or even that it’s just discouraged. I have never seen any such rule, but will be happy to follow the rule should you find one. I still don’t understand why aborting tasks is considered bad. Please break it down for me.

Aborting tasks is not an issue, don't worry. It even gives people with slower hardware a chance to be 1st.
And if someone never got more tasks than expectected, he is very lucky. I quit trying to understand how many tasks BOINC downloads when starting a new system or switching between sub-project, event with all settings at 0.

That being said, you should look at Kellen's advice and stop using app_config.xml to tweak number of running tasks and MT. This is much easier and effective from PG settings.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Renting GPU's for Primegrid (Message 133722)
Posted 7 days ago by dthononProject donor
Most Cloud vendors sell GPUs capacities. AWS regular instances are quite expensive, but spot instances are very competitive. The main issue is that they can stop at any time, which is not a big issue for short WUs.
Using an AI ready instance is not a bad idea, as it comes with NVidia drivers installed and you just have to install boinc-client on top.
Please note that the current and next challenges are CPU only.
9) Message boards : Seventeen or Bust : The SOB Double Check will end... aka The Way Too Early Prediction Thread (Message 133706)
Posted 7 days ago by dthononProject donor
September 2019

A super quick perusal of the responses looks like this one is the closest!

Congratulations! You win, uh, some brief mention of your successful prediction...

Great job to everyone who helped on the double check. Lets keep at it and finish the conjecture!

Is it a precise prediction, or another outstanding piece of luck ? Seeing who proposed this date, both are probably true ;-)
10) Message boards : Seventeen or Bust : The SoB Double Check is DONE!!! (Message 133695)
Posted 8 days ago by dthononProject donor

All told, the double check took 932 days from start to finish. This is a bit over half of my original 5 year estimate, so well done everyone! Special thanks to a couple of individuals who contributed a massive amount of computing power to this project. I don't have any figures showing exactly how much of the double check you did, but it was a lot.

You can look at to get an idea.

Anyway, this double check was really required, so it's a good thing it is done.

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