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1) Message boards : General discussion : Prime found? (Message 119809)
Posted 1267 days ago by Damian
Thanks for your quick reply.
Does it usually take so long to process? Or something strange happened?
2) Message boards : General discussion : Prime found? (Message 119694)
Posted 1274 days ago by Damian
In my account I can see PPS primes found 2, that is an hyperlink that when I click I can only see one prime (that I double checked). Which is the other prime?
3) Message boards : General discussion : Percentage of LLR done and Res64? (Message 111802)
Posted 1529 days ago by Damian
I am sure this has never happened before, but anyways I was thinking about the other side: how can I be sure that primenet will not "cheat" (even non-intentionally) on me?

For example, by saying another person on another computer discovered a prime that really my computer found first. Or even if they try to notify me (email or whatever) but I don't receive this notification for whatever technical reason.

When my computer ends the task I would like to know the result (Res64). For example in GIMPS they just mask the two last letters of the residue, not the full residue. And the computer is supposed to beep or something if a new prime is found.

One reason I would like to know the partial results file (iteration number and current residue) is because for some computers I only have remote conection access for many days, so if I would like to know how long it lasts for a task to end, I have no way but to wait it finish. If I log by ssh and find those files, I could make a script that tells me what numbers are being tested, the current percentage done, and the current residue. And even have a log of the lasts results for the numbers that were already tested with their final residues.

Am I asking too much and I should run the LLR program on my own instead of using primegrid to assign me workunits?

Also, why do the workunits not say what number is being tested?

Taking the same 321 workunit you talked about, where does it say the number was 3*2^13629914-1 ?

Why would primenet hide that information? I don't see how someone could cheat just knowing wich number is being tested.
4) Message boards : General discussion : Percentage of LLR done and Res64? (Message 111798)
Posted 1529 days ago by Damian
I am running some LLR tasks (PPSE, Cullen and SGP mostly) in an ubuntu desktop.

I have found some interesing files in

But what I would like to know for each task is

1) the number I'm trying to prove prime. I think I found it, for example in file llrCUL_292992062 I can see

15823367 15823367

so in this case the number is n = 15823367*2^(15823367) + 1

2) for each number, the current iteration number of the last savefile

3) the last computed residue (or Res64)

Also, when the test finishes, I would like to know the final residue (so if it is 0 I know the number turned out prime).

Where should I find these files? Or are they hidden for some reason?

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