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1) Message boards : The Riesel Problem : K = 192971 prime found by Propper (Message 149296)
Posted 222 days ago by Ryan Propper
Let me try to clear a few things up, though I don't normally post here.

I do have a few personal machines running BOINC. I also have access to another cluster of machines, which aren't directly connected to the Internet. On these machines, I started doing some solo hunting of Riesel primes. I am explicitly searching 12e6 <= n <= 15e6. Unless I'm misunderstanding this range should not conflict with Primegrid - now or for a while?

I don't particularly care about PrimeGrid credit, or T5K credit, or whatever. My main goal is to find primes that move the overall state of the Riesel problem forward. To that end, I undertook a solo search for some (k, n) ranges that I believed PrimeGrid was not actively investigating.

Hope that helps clear some things up.
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