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1) Message boards : Number crunching : No work? (Message 3189)
Posted 4554 days ago by amd.borg
Thanx Rytis! We seem to be back in business! :)
2) Message boards : Number crunching : No work? (Message 3185)
Posted 4554 days ago by amd.borg
Is there a limit to the ammount of work PrimeGrid has availible for users to download? I\'m getting the error No work from project on a couple of my machines and so is couple of my teammates. Allready reset detatched and reattatched. Oh and server load is 4. Can PrimeGrid handle a couple of thousand more results a day?
3) Message boards : PrimeGrid : New Application (Message 3181)
Posted 4555 days ago by amd.borg
Hey Rytis, thanx for your reply. I really like a project where the project admins are so active in the forums with the info and q&a!

I\'m very glad to hear the wu will go longer. If the new app keeps running as sweet as it\'s running now, a lot more results will be coming from my TeAm (TeAm AnandTech) in the month of May.
4) Message boards : PrimeGrid : New Application (Message 3175)
Posted 4556 days ago by amd.borg
Thanx for the update guys!

So I see the wu doesn\'t apear to be much smaller, but they do finish a LOT faster. So far it seems the traffic for PrimeGrid has also increased a LOT because of this. Is there any chance the wu will go back to taking as long to crunch as they used to? PrimeGrid is one of my favorite projects cause of the small wu/long crunch time. Also will the credit/day change in any way with the new version?
5) Message boards : Problems and Help : Daily Quota exceeded.... (Message 3133)
Posted 4557 days ago by amd.borg
I had the same problem on a couple of machines, resetting didn\'t work, but detaching and attatching to the project again solved my problem.
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