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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Running GPU slows down CPU a lot (Message 124266)
Posted 1608 days ago by Daniel FurrProject donor
In my and others' experience, various GPU based distributed computing applications slowed down by concurrent RAM and cache heavy applications such as LLR, on pretty much every GPU. (The faster the GPU, the more it may be noticeable, perhaps.)

Thank you for this information. This has been bothering me since I got the new GPU. Its so frustrating. So would getting a CPU with more cache help? Or getting higher performance RAM? Or both probably?
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Running GPU slows down CPU a lot (Message 124134)
Posted 1609 days ago by Daniel FurrProject donor
What happens when the opposite is tested?
Is the time a GFN GPU task takes affected by whether an LLR task is running on the CPU or not?

I've been putting off posting about this until I saw this thread. I have the exact reverse problem as Michael. Running LLR tasks multi-threaded slows down the GPU tasks. -t6 slows it down the most and I can see a performance boost in the GPU tasks with every core I remove from LLR tasks.

Machine is i7-8700k, 2080ti, Windows 10 pro updated daily. Temps well within range, high performance power mode (never sleep).

I have tried every driver for the GPU, updated chipset software, BIOS everything I can think of. I saw somewhere else in this thread someone else with a 2080 has a similar issue to mine. It's extremely frustrating especially considering the upcoming SOB challenge.

One thing I did notice, running SR5 tasks in LLR does not seem to affect GPU performance oddly enough, but SoB tasks, GCW, Cullen all do and I assume all other LLR tasks as well. I've tried many different things but have just gone back to doing GCW sieves until I can find a fix.

I also wanted to add that this was a new problem with the new GPU. I never had this problem with my 1080ti card. In fact, I have my 1080ti and a 1070ti in another machine and it runs LLR tasks fine. CPU is i7-3930k, Win10 Home.
3) Message boards : Problems and Help : Win 10 64 bit BSOD within an hour. (Message 115488)
Posted 1920 days ago by Daniel FurrProject donor
Hi, I wanted to let you all know that the issue is resolved. The problems were out of date BIOS as suggested, and a bad stick of RAM.

Once I updated the BIOS and took out two sticks of RAM it ran completely fine for over 36 hours. After that I was even able to overclock to 4.2 GHz and run XMP profile. This ran for over 36 hours as well.

Since the last post I upgraded my motherboard, CPU, and RAM as I was overdue for an upgrade anyways (my video card was running on PCIe Gen2) on top of being frustrated tracking down hardware issues.

Thank you for all the help and suggestions.
4) Message boards : Problems and Help : Win 10 64 bit BSOD within an hour. (Message 115160)
Posted 1928 days ago by Daniel FurrProject donor
Hi all,

Thank you for the responses and sorry for the late reply. I've been working out of town all week. I will try all suggestions and post an update of any changes.

I think that it might be a RAM issue as suggested. I am about to update the BIOS and turn off XMP and see if it crashes. If it does I will start taking out sticks of RAM one at a time and see what happens.
5) Message boards : Problems and Help : Win 10 64 bit BSOD within an hour. (Message 114803)
Posted 1933 days ago by Daniel FurrProject donor
Thank you for the response.

Temps seem to be ok. I monitor them fairly frequently when BOINC is running. CPU sits around ~56 C and GPU sits around ~76-79 C. I will try what you said and run GPU only then CPU only and see if either gets a BSOD.
6) Message boards : Problems and Help : Win 10 64 bit BSOD within an hour. (Message 114800)
Posted 1933 days ago by Daniel FurrProject donor
So I asked on the Window support forums and did not get very far but when I run primeGrid in BOINC I get a BSOD within an hour. At most it will run maybe 8 hours. If I am not running BOINC my computer does not crash, except very rarely.

Some information:
-I had a catastrophic failure of my video card (GTX 980 ti) back in Sept. 17. I got a replacement card via warranty (exact same card). After I rebuilt my computer in early January 18 and updated it I began to run BOINC again (the only change to the computer was replacing the video card with the exact same card). Since I put it back together BOINC will crash within an hour of starting (primeGrid is the only project I run).

-My CPU was overclocked so I set it to default.
-I ran sfc /scannow with no errors.
-I ran memtest with no errors.
-My BIOS has updates from the manufacturer but all the updates are for improving overclocking or overclocking performance so I did not update it.
-I ran "verifier" in Windows command line and this caused Windows to crash before it would even boot. This leads me to believe it could be a bad driver that maybe Windows thinks is up to date (I think one of the .dmp files is from these crashes).

Here is some relevant information and .dmp files.

PC specs
MSinfo Output:!AuVAavbEi_jAbsPJFQr5f2YeQ_k
.dmp files:!AuVAavbEi_jAeIh6mXh5_hQDR-I

Most of the .dmp files are right after the BSOD.

Thank you for any help.
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