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1) Message boards : General discussion : Member Poll: Is Gridcoin good or bad? (Message 121663)
Posted 1306 days ago by G_UK
Now I know Michael has said that he doesn't want to get into the technical details however I think it is important that some background is important so I will give a brief overview from my own understanding and will try to be as balanced as possible (See note on transparency at the end of my post).

Gridcoin is a cryptocurrency and as such relies on decentralisation and consensus as a form of security. Today, in order to gain this decentralisation a large enough proportion of clients in the Gridcoin network need to download the project stats each day, the network then can automatically cross-check the stats with each other ensuring no individual or group of individuals can tamper with the stats for their own gain.

This stats download is what has caused PrimeGrid problems, it has caused the effects of a short term DDOS when a large number of clients have tried to download the stats at the same time, effectively choking the projects connection.

Now the possibility of this happening has been a hot topic in the Gridcoin community as we most certainly don't want to cause problems for the projects, lots of ideas have and are being thrown about on how we can keep the stats decentralised whilst having a minimal impact on the BOINC project servers (Indeed it is one of the main reasons the team requirement is still there).

One of these ideas is currently being tested, but it is only a stop-gap measure as it centralises stats collection to a single "scraper". This can only be a temporary solution in its current form though as it introduces a vulnerability in that everyone has to trust that the individual running the "scraper" is not tampering with the statistics.

This is where I think the point about demands/requests comes in. As I have said there are and have been lots of discussions going on with people throwing ideas about, some of these ideas include changes on the PrimeGrid side such as providing a hash of the stats file. I sincerely hope that this has merely been a misunderstanding on both sides and I hope that these are just ideas of how to stop us being a problem for PrimeGrid being thrown about and not demands that PrimeGrid must implement changes.

My personal opinion is that it is completely a projects decision on whether they wish to make changes to accommodate Gridcoin or not and we should not hold it against any project that does not want to be involved. It is Gridcoin that has the responsibility and onus to ensure we respect a projects wishes, for this reason I wrote into the project listing process that was agreed by public vote that we will respect any decision from a project admin to not be listed for Gridcoin rewards.

Note: For transparencies sake I crunch for Gridcoin and I am a contributor to the Gridcoin project. I am far away from being a developer though, but have contributed by writing some standards and processes which have been adopted by public vote and currently run a temporary website and database tracking project statistics for the project listings.
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