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1) Message boards : News : Restricted access to statistics files (Message 120937)
Posted 1369 days ago by Profile [DPC]CamulosProject donor
I am occasionally downloading the statistics files (the nice XMLs) for my private stats engine.

Would like to be able to continue to download these

2) Message boards : Number crunching : Winter Solstice Challenge 2015 (Message 90646)
Posted 2389 days ago by Profile [DPC]CamulosProject donor
I was doing pretty fine.. untill i got a Genefer GPU-task of 15 hours in BOINC!


My preferences are clear: No CPU, and only GPU tasks for this challange; and def no other units if nothing is available.

It pretty much blew my contribution for my team ... :|
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Leonids Challenge (Message 80827)
Posted 2788 days ago by Profile [DPC]CamulosProject donor
Plz count down... 3-2-1 :P :)
4) Message boards : Problems and Help : Error in tables.xml due to unescaped ampersand (Message 78046)
Posted 2916 days ago by Profile [DPC]CamulosProject donor
They could also apply CDATA attribute and not worry about whats in the text

<name><![CDATA[Sierpinski Problem: ESP, PSP, & SoB (Sieve)]]></name>
5) Message boards : Problems and Help : Error in tables.xml due to unescaped ampersand (Message 78033)
Posted 2917 days ago by Profile [DPC]CamulosProject donor
wow quite some replies! :)

I was scraping this file for an internal stats-project, where the parser told me that it was invalid XML.The quick fix is to clean-up the XML before parsing (like a pre-parser) where you simply replace " & " to " &amp; ".

For me it ain't a problem or issue anymore.

But perhaps it's nice if this get's reported to the BOINC-devs that they don't escape the &-character properly. Or point me in the right direction, so i can do that :)

Again thnx for the info ^^
6) Message boards : Problems and Help : Error in tables.xml due to unescaped ampersand (Message 77959)
Posted 2920 days ago by Profile [DPC]CamulosProject donor
There is a (small) error in the current table overview:

The ampersand (&) is not escaped on line 22:
<name>Sierpinski Problem: ESP, PSP, & SoB (Sieve)</name>

should be
<name>Sierpinski Problem: ESP, PSP, &amp; SoB (Sieve)</name>

Currently not valid XML, although no biggie it can crash any XML interpreter reading this file
7) Message boards : General discussion : The game changer: The Playstation 4 (Message 71697)
Posted 3111 days ago by Profile [DPC]CamulosProject donor
NOT a game changer: The Playstation 4 :D

like said before, Sony will probably not allow BOINC.

And even if that happens, let's have a look at the hardware (specs)
- 8 core jaguar AMD x86-64 (2x quad-core)
- 8 GB GDDR5

Sound cool eh? Well, it seems that these cores are build for tablets and mobile devices (source).

Quite some discussion on Jaguar (ps4/xbone) vs Intel i5/i7 -> 1 , 2.

Yet the conclusion is the same, the raw CPU-power of the PC cannot be matched by the PS4/XBone.
So if you are going to crunch Primes, then use the PC :)
8) Message boards : Number crunching : 2014 PrimeGrid Challenge Series ideas (Message 69236)
Posted 3214 days ago by Profile [DPC]CamulosProject donor
We had a Father's Day challenge this year, but there's never been a Mother's Day challenge. Also, keep the tradition of naming/scheduling a challenge or two based on equinoxes/eclipses/meteors (just a personal preference).

+1 on this comment!

And in favor of running GFN + SOB simultaneously.

9) Message boards : General discussion : Stats (Message 69209)
Posted 3215 days ago by Profile [DPC]CamulosProject donor
raw stats? ofc.. just check :

:D Only read the data into your own database and long live your stats ^^
Good luck!
10) Message boards : Project Staging Area : Combining the boinc and PSA-credits = skewed picture? (Message 69044)
Posted 3222 days ago by Profile [DPC]CamulosProject donor
It is widely known that PSA-projects get more credits then the boinc-counterpart projects; at least that was the case in 2011.

But looking at the bottom of primegrid homepage:
Top teams by work done in the last 24 hours
Dutch Power Cows 20507530.15 (=20M)
Aggie The Pew 3116659.78 (=3M)

But when I look at our stats-engine or just have a glimpse on BoincStats:
Aggie The Pew : 38,464,945.03 (38M)
Dutch Power Cows: 18,938,678.36 (18M)

No offense, but where did those 35 million credits come from? Last time I checked (during challenges and stuff), those 35 millions are in no way comparable to the Boinc-equivalent! Yet these are counted the same way, on the same stats pile.

Perhaps time to review/slash the PSA-credits?!

Current stats are bogus IMO!
Call me a charred-bovine-meat-popiscle, yet it smells somewhere :P

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