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1) Message boards : Problems and Help : Estimated Runtimes Way out of Wack (Message 45403)
Posted 3594 days ago by Profile Rainmaker*

This is a new issue with this project only and it just started 4 or 5 days, or so, ago.
I do a lot of other projects and I'm only see this issue here.
Issue was explained here:

I understand what everyone is saying, and I apologize if the statement that PG was the cause of the extended run times showing in BOINC. I just find it rather coincidental that BOINC messes up the estimated running times for PG with 11 projects, when there's no problem with WCG and their 13 projects.

As brinktastee stated, I haven't noticed this issue come up until today. Granted, my association with PG hasn't been nearly as long as others, I didn't notice the time issue until relatively the same time as brinktastee. I have always had PG crunching WUs since I joined team Sicituradastra. this year, and this issue is new to me.

This may be the first time I have participated in the PG challenges, but this IS the first time that the Remaining times have went crazy like this since I first joined. So I am sorry to say DoES, that though you may say this has been a continuing issue since 2008, this is the FIRST time in 9 months that this has happened to me, and when I notice an irregularity, I'm trying to find out what the problem may be, how long will it be before the problem can be fixed, and what can I do to fix it (if it's on my end).

My resulting question regarding this issue is as follows: If BOINC is the cause of the issue in overestimating the Remaining time, then shouldn't it only decrease as each WU is completed within the individual subproject?
2) Message boards : Problems and Help : Estimated Runtimes Way out of Wack (Message 45301)
Posted 3595 days ago by Profile Rainmaker*
I have noticed it as well...Remaining times are really crazy!

I posted something about this in the challenge thread and was given an explanation by Neometal. It has something to do with the Duration Correction Factor.

In Win7 64-bit, in \Program Data\BOINC, there's a file called "client_state." And in the PrimeGrid project section, you'll find the tag for duration_correction_factor.

Yesterday, mine was slightly over 28...meaning that the "estimated" time to complete the task was multiplied by 28. So a crunch that normally takes 62 mins (1:02:00) will show as 28:55:56.

This also affects how many WUs you can download, as BOINC looks at the Remaining amount of time to figure out how many more WUs you can download to meet you "Days of Work" limit. There doesn't seem to be any effect on the actual crunching of the WU, just a crazy amount of time to complete the WU.

There is a work-around provided by Neometal, and it works until PG changes the information when a new WU is downloaded. I can't remember the thread id, but the steps are simple:

1 - stop BOINC
2 - edit the duration_correction_factor tag, located in the PrimeGrid project section of the client_state file. This file, in Win7 at least, can be found in C:\ProgramData\BOINC. ONLY USE NOTEPAD to edit the file.
3 - save the changes
4 - restart BOINC

Again, it works, but only temporarily. I'm not sure why PG would do this...keep change the DCF like this, unless it was to keep people from hoarding the Solstice WUs.

This problem doesn't seem to affect any other project that I crunch, only PG. Most every other DCF is close to 1, or maybe a little lower.

Maybe an admin or project tech can enlighten why this began just a couple days before the Solstice challenge. And if they DO enlighten us, please don't use words that have a value of over $0.50, so common crunchers, like myself, can understand what is being
3) Message boards : Number crunching : The Winter Solstice Challenge (Message 45241)
Posted 3596 days ago by Profile Rainmaker*
If anyone has crunched any PPS LLRs OR sieves since the sudden large increase in run times, it has probably screwed with Boincs WU estimation numbers. That's a likely reason the high initial long estimation on Primegrid WUs now. You can always reset the Duration Correction Factor (DCF) to 1.000000 in the client_state.xml file located in your C:\ProgramData\BOINC folder for Vista & Win 7 using ONLY notepad. It's in the first group of data at the beginning of the Primegid section for those who don't already know. You need to stop BOINC first and restart afterwards.


Soon to be a *

Thanks for the info. I'm sure there's still a little "indegestion" on my rig that's causing a small slowdown, but once I got the change made, I had a bunch of WUs come in for PG, and the other three that I have on CPU.

Again, great fix! Look forward to seeing you in the *s...:)
4) Message boards : Number crunching : The Winter Solstice Challenge (Message 45145)
Posted 3597 days ago by Profile Rainmaker*
as of 12:30 EST in Ohio, USA, yep!

Only one problem...when my rig polled for WUs on PPS, I have my system set for 3 days, and I got TWO!!! For some reason, BOINC says it's going to take over 31 hrs on my GPU to do ONE WU.

I'm running an ATI Radeon HD 4700/4800 w/2Gb on an Intel Core2 Quad Q8400 w/8GB RAM. Not sure why they're that high, but the one that's working is going down pretty fast.

Good luck everyone!
5) Message boards : Number crunching : The Autumnal Equinox Challenge (Message 40685)
Posted 3683 days ago by Profile Rainmaker*
I seriously think the computer Gods might not like me. Wasn't able to get online until 12 hrs after beginning, but at least I'm here....

Moon* going to give it as much as I can...

Onward and upward to the stars!
6) Message boards : Problems and Help : Reporting done but nothing new is DL'd (Message 39887)
Posted 3706 days ago by Profile Rainmaker*
I thought that might have been the problem, but it isn't, as while I was away, more PPS LLR downloaded, as well as PPS Sieve. So I'm able to get WUs for both CPU and GPU without any problem - just can't get anything from WOO LLR.

I am going to try the following: Setting PG to No New Tasks and letting PG empty out of my Tasks list. Then I'm going in and selecting only WOO LLR and see if I can get something to download that way.

I know it's not a problem with the program, as the program that PPS LLR and WOO LLR are the same 6.09, and since it worked with the last challenge, that rules out the possibility of a faulty program on my rig.

I'd hate to have to keep myself out of crunching PG units until the next challenge rolls around, so I can compete in it, versus crunching for regular credit.

Also, I think the stipulation on how to get WUs, like mentioned below, is no longer in effect. I read a forum posting a while back saying that the problem has been resolved.
7) Message boards : Problems and Help : Reporting done but nothing new is DL'd (Message 39882)
Posted 3706 days ago by Profile Rainmaker*
I received numerous WUs after the challenge ended - mainly cleanup of the challenge WUs - and a few others. Currently, I'm signed up for: 321 LLR, PPS LLR, SGP LLR, WOO LLR, 321 Sieve, and PPS Sieve. I added the WOO LLR yesterday (8/30) and I haven't received anything fro WOO, actually, I haven't received ANYTHING from any CPU subproject, only the PPS Sieve has given me new WUs

My questions:
1 - Is this due to the large amount of CPU WUs I already have?
2 - If not, is there any way I can get any WOO LLR?

I would like to get a WOO LLR WU so I can see how my machine holds up crunching one.
8) Message boards : General discussion : Profile visibility question(s) (Message 39690)
Posted 3709 days ago by Profile Rainmaker*
My question is just that...after filling out my profile and saving it, I can't view it when I click on the link. Is there a problem?
9) Message boards : Number crunching : The Dog Days of Summer Challenge (Message 39597)
Posted 3710 days ago by Profile Rainmaker*
I for one would have preferred to have the server running and feeding WU's than see it stop for updating the stats (the teams ones are already updated, by the way).

Almost an hour of Project outage left my couple of boxes dry...

I congratulate the admins, however, as they have somehow managed to keep the server feeding hungry mouths for almost 24 hours, stopping the food flow, I believe, only to cope with some "whining for stats" around here.

Please do what you have to do and allow us to get back to work.


Like you, I agree. the only difference is that my rig isn't out of I know my little Core2 Quad isn't going to match strength with an i7, but I DO know that what meager score I get helps my TEAM out. The last I looked I was in 298th position individually - and I guess that's good, given the differences in types of rigs. But I'm part of a team, more than an individual - thus the saying...There's no "I" in TEAM, which is an acronym for: Together, Everyone Achieves More.
10) Message boards : Number crunching : PPS (Sieve) Cobblestone Recalibration (Message 37848)
Posted 3766 days ago by Profile Rainmaker*
One of the reasons, if not the main one, I chose to participate in PG was the fact it had the option to use my ATI card, the same card I got in my new system.

No, I don't have an i3, i5, i7, or the Gulftown, rather, I have a meek Core2 Quad Q8400 system. I'm not a gamer, but I do like to do things fast when I need to, and I like the simple multitasking it offers. Seldom did I ever have 4 programs open and running at the same time. I'll save the 'waxing poetic' for a later time....

So now I'm seeing that the one subproject that utilizes my ATI HD4800 series GPU is going to cut credits by something close to 50%, after it's all said and done. My first thought was "Why?"

I looked over all my subprojects again to make sure that PPS Sieve was the only GPU I could run, and regrettably, it is.

My creds are going to 'eventually' be decreased by nearly 50%, all in the name of an app - a single application that, when discontinued, may lead to volunteers leaving the project.

In this thread, there were "three" options mentioned, but only "two" were explained: 1 - Live with it and like it; 2 - Upgrade hardware; 3 - Usless because all projects recalibrate their creds. Well, the third option is to walk away from the project.

Well, I'm going to decide if Option 1 is worth the choice or not. Option 2 is out of the question - Why should I spend more money to upgrade to better hardware when it's going to cost me more money in electricity for usage by the rig and the AC unit to keep my room nice and cool. So I guess the overall answer to Option 1 will determine if Option 3 is viable.

It seems that PG wanted to go away from the "sr2sieve" to the "tpsieve," by way of the "ppsieve." Two things crossed my mind when I scoured the PG subprojects to ensure PPS Sieve was the ONLY ATI availability: 1 - If PG is so interested in making sure their applications are up to date, why is my 64-bit machine still operating on 32-bit programs AND why hasn't PG taken advantage of multi-core machines; and, I'll admit to being the class joker now, but did PG realize that they gave lots of fodder to those like myself when they named their "replacement apps?" The "sr2sieve" is an ok name, but "pp"sieve and "tp"sieve????

Please tell me that I wasn't the only one who chuckled at the "potty" humor in the names?

In any event, I'll climb down of my soapbox, and I'll begin to mull this over in my mind.

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