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1) Message boards : Generalized Cullen/Woodall prime search : GC/W prime search (Message 127887)
Posted 13 days ago by dlawson
Occasionally I have found that the next task downloads and then runs before the other task has finished. If I prevent any more tasks being downloaded and then suspend the newer task it will finish the previous task. This may not be your issue but I wouldn’t abort anything until I have tried that. Also you could increase the % of cpu in use, that might fix it.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : How much work remain for our base 2 conjectures? (Message 127273)
Posted 30 days ago by dlawson
Are you aware that their is a sub project status section on the left hand side of the home page near the bottom)?. I think that will show you the current n details for those sub projects. Apologies if you are.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : 2019 Tour de Primes (Message 126849)
Posted 37 days ago by dlawson
edit: sorry, stupid question.
4) Message boards : General discussion : PG 1st Place Percentage Firefox Extension (Message 126549)
Posted 43 days ago by dlawson
I like!

Is there a way to show more than 50 tasks on the page?
5) Message boards : Generalized Fermat Prime Search : DO YOU FEEL LUCKY? (Message 125601)
Posted 53 days ago by dlawson
Well, do you?

There are a couple of bases with no tasks waiting, but the fact that there is a couple probably means I am wrong.

EDIT: and they have very high N, so forget that idea.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Using Fourier Transforms To Multiply Numbers (Message 124716)
Posted 71 days ago by dlawson
Thanks, got me a bit closer to understanding.
7) Message boards : General discussion : AP findings percentage (Message 115841)
Posted 381 days ago by dlawson
This new feature is a help to me. Sometimes it is hard to identify the recent DC.
Thanks Mike for the regular engagement and improvements
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Badges - Full Sets! (Message 112664)
Posted 454 days ago by dlawson
Active silver. thanks to all the wingmen.
9) Message boards : Seventeen or Bust : Odd work unit (Message 112637)
Posted 456 days ago by dlawson
I thought this w.u. Had crashed on 99.99%
For a while it showed as an computation error but now it shows as a valid task but there is a double check going on.
Any idea what is going on?
10) Message boards : AP26 - AP27 Search : AP 27 Search (Message 111878)
Posted 484 days ago by dlawson
we are approaching k = 43902416 which is where the original Primegrid AP26 search stopped in 2010

Does that make a big find any more likely?

Notice we are now in the k = 44m range.

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