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1) Message boards : Seventeen or Bust : Extremely low credit for SoB when compared to other WU types? (Message 33712)
Posted 3414 days ago by VapourLock
Either way the 60 odd points per hour of work is very good, you try Malaria@home, EDGeS@home, Mersenne@home or even Spinhenge@home and see how many credits you are awarded.
You will then appreciate PrimeGrid and the amounts you are awarded here.

Thanks for your inputs. I guess I'm just not going to agree with it.

From my point of view (newbie), I really don't care about the other @home projects or whatever. I'm just considering PrimeGrid in this thread.

So, for me, when I have to choose which projects to enable for processing, I'm choosing:

a) stuff that does cuda (only Proth Prime Search is listed as cuda on the selection page, but it turns out others have cuda too)
b) something that can run on the cpu's all day, without interfering with my work

After having processed CPU only work for Proth Prime Search (Sieve) for a few days, and getting used to calculating daily amounts and stuff... then changing to SoB and after weeks of effort being given an *extremely* smaller amount of "points" was just plain disheartening.

So, the explanation that they're "different" types of things might seem ok with you guys. But really, they're both tasks running on the same CPU's, taking the same resources. From a "historical" perspective the points might be ok and all.

But, SoB is still not going to get enabled on these computers again. That's not me being petty, I just can't bring myself to enable a WU type that seems so well... disadvantaged in comparison.
2) Message boards : Seventeen or Bust : Extremely low credit for SoB when compared to other WU types? (Message 33655)
Posted 3415 days ago by VapourLock
Credit is not based on importance of difference tasks, it is based on work done (FLOPs). GPUs doing much more work than CPUs on sieving, hence much more credit per hour.

If you're going to answer, please at least check the WU's I'm talking about first. I've even provided URLs:


SoB WU's:

These are all CPU only units. Nothing to do with GPU units. That part of your answer has nothing to do with the question.

Each users has different view on what subprojects on PG or BOINC project in general are more important.

Sure. If it's all so unimportant then, why have "credits" at all? Just make each work unit completed be "1".

Really, that's not a joke. They're either unimportant, like you're saying, and not useful, or they do have some importance, in which case there's obviously some level of "which is more important than others". It's not being done based on CPU time spent.
3) Message boards : Seventeen or Bust : Extremely low credit for SoB when compared to other WU types? (Message 33637)
Posted 3415 days ago by VapourLock
"If you are in only for credits, it may appear as waste of time."

That seems like a pretty strange answer.

What's the point of imaginary "credits", if they're not related to each other via importance in some way from the project's point of view?

How else is a person new to this project supposed to tell which WU types are more or less important to PrimeGrid, when the only measuring stick given is these imaginary "credits"?

I can see you've been around for a while, so I'm guessing you're just not relating to a newbie's point-of-view very well. "credits" is the measure we seem to have been given for what the project considers important here.
4) Message boards : Proth Prime Search : Suspending a PPS (Sieve) cuda32 tasks seems to cause a computation error (Message 33631)
Posted 3415 days ago by VapourLock
Yeah, this is running the most recent drivers from NVIDIA, and everything else works with it fine.

So, I guess it might just be a Darwin thing. :/
5) Message boards : Seventeen or Bust : Extremely low credit for SoB when compared to other WU types? (Message 33626)
Posted 3415 days ago by VapourLock
For my account, I've disabled SoB now (of course), and suspect that's the intended result.

My guess is just that the PrimeGrid team REALLY need to update the website to make clear which projects are deemphasised like this, so people don't waste their time.

The present website's communication in regards to the crediting system is clear as mud. :( And it wouldn't be hard to improve it. ;)
6) Message boards : Proth Prime Search : Suspending a PPS (Sieve) cuda32 tasks seems to cause a computation error (Message 33623)
Posted 3415 days ago by VapourLock
Each night when I go to bed, I turn on Proth Prime Search (Sieve)'s cuda32 work units (on a GTX285 system) so they'll have a bunch of hours interrupted.

Takes about an hour and a half to finish each work unit.

When I wake up in the morning, I then suspend the cuda32 tasks due to UI lag issues, and then unsuspend them again that night. (and so on each night)

Something I've noticed is that I'm occasionally getting "Computation error" reported for work units, and they _generally_ seem to be for the work units that were partially completed when they were suspended.

It's almost like the suspend/unsuspend action on an in progress cuda32 unit is corrupting it somehow, or causing it's internal validation to go wrong.

Has anyone else seen or noticed this?
7) Message boards : Proth Prime Search : Heavy UI Interface Lag when PrimeGrid is running. (Message 33618)
Posted 3415 days ago by VapourLock
Yeah, the UI lag means I can't run Proth Prime Search's cuda32 stuff in the background during the day, even though the cpu stuff runs fine and doesn't affect me.

So, that means probably 10+ hours (min) per day going unused, when if the UI lag didn't happen it could run 24x7.

If there was a way of allocating (say) 95% GPU usage for PrimeGrind, instead of it taking over the whole GPU, that would probably work.

No idea if the way CUDA works allows for that though. Might be an all-or-nothing thing or something.

I'm running a GTX285, but doubt it makes a difference except in the NVIDIA vs ATI aspect of things.
8) Message boards : Seventeen or Bust : Extremely low credit for SoB when compared to other WU types? (Message 33615)
Posted 3415 days ago by VapourLock
Just took a couple of weeks to get through a few SoB work units:

After completing them, they're credited with only a fraction of the points awarded that would have occurred had I been doing another project instead (ie. Proth Prime Search (Sieve)).

For example, with a Proth Prime Search (Sieve) WU that took 66,974.71 seconds, the credit given was 4,523.00.

Yet with a SOB task that took 659,871.00 seconds, nearly ten times as long, the credit given was 10,449.05.

This is on reasonably modern Intel Core2 stuff, not ancient cpu's either.

Is something really screwy in the credit calculations with SoB, or is this expected? Maybe a way to de-emphasise SoB so people don't do it or something?
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