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1) Message boards : Number crunching : 2019 Tour de Primes (Message 127366)
Posted 526 days ago by Profile [AF>EDLS]GuL
Congratulations to [AF>EDLS]GuL for winning this year's polka dot jersey! It took two primes with a tie-breaking prime score of 256.72977589216987 to win this year.

Thanks Michael.

Congrats to you, [AF>EDLS]GuL ! It was a close one!

Thank you Mattozan. That's very fair play.

Plus, we have a "double checker" TdP scoreboard:

Waouh, I have right now the virtual double checker red jersay :-) .
2) Message boards : Number crunching : TRP-Sieve HAS ENDED!!! (Message 99676)
Posted 1395 days ago by Profile [AF>EDLS]GuL
1. would it be possible /would it make sense to add two graphics cards? Would PrimeGrid be able to use both?

If you use two different graphic cards, you will need to use a cc_config.xml file to let boinc use both of them.
<cc_config> <options> <use_all_gpus>1</use_all_gpus> </options> </cc_config>

4. I am looking at some cheap second hand cards, and know the ones I am looking at are OpenGL 4.0. Does that imply that they will also be OpenCL or CUDA, or do I have to do some more research to find out if they will work with BOINC & PrimeGrid?

In order to do gpu computing, you need cuda or opencl. Opengl is useless. HD 7950 or HD 7970 are a very good compromise between performance and price. More recent AMD cards should be avoided as they have a lower double precision float (for GFN 21 and 22)

5. I know about needing appropriate power supplies, is there anything else you'd suggest I need to think about?

Be careful that using 2 GPUs mean a huge power needed, especially if you use middle or high-level graphic cards. Don't be confident to the theoretical power of your PSU : some of them are a lie. Moreover, if it is a 10-year old PSU, change it.

3) Message boards : Number crunching : Progress re: Newer AMD GPUs (Message 97449)
Posted 1460 days ago by Profile [AF>EDLS]GuL

To be clear, it's working (so far) for GFN tasks. I haven't rolled out the fix to PPS-Sieve yet. I'm going to wait a few days before updating PPS-sieve in case there's any problems.

Hi Michael,
It seems to work for me with a R9 380 AMD graphic card :

Many thanks !
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