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1) Message boards : Problems and Help : What is 50% core use supposed to do? (Message 109912)
Posted 870 days ago by James
Anything over 0 Invalids is too much of a problem, unless you know the cause of a given result to fail (say, a driver crash, a computer BSOD, a power outage, etc.). Temps seem to be fine, so I guess our next target is overclocking on the CPU? Or RAM running at anything above 2133mhz.

I see. I didn't realize it was a big deal. Glad you checked then!

RAM is currently running at 1066mhz, Intel page says my processor can support up to at least 1600 mhz.

My processor is running at 3.2ghz, the intel page says the 'base clock frequency' is 2.7ghz ... not sure if base clock frequency is the same as max approved frequency though. I'll look into it.

I notice all the invalids started a couple weeks ago, and I've been running this since April ... that seems a little odd too.
2) Message boards : Problems and Help : What is 50% core use supposed to do? (Message 109908)
Posted 870 days ago by James
This depends. The thing is that LLR is SO well optimized that HT doesn't really help. Not only that, for bigger units, RAM speed can barely keep up with 2, let alone 4 tasks (and that's assuming you have real fast RAM!). To make matters worse, the importance of those point varies with the architecture. And if this wasn't enough, windows is also fishy with it's scheduling. Couple it with the advent of the multireaded app, and you've got yourself a real problem.

At any rate, my suggestion for you is: Disable HT, if you can. That's the main measure for big units like 321. Setting it to 50% "works", but disabling HT altogether is better.

I still don't get it. If RAM is bottlenecking me, my total BOINC cpu usage shouldn't really change if I add more tasks, right? The situation would just go from '4 cores waiting on RAM for 50% of the time' to '8 cores waiting on RAM 75% of the time'.

As for the rest, limit the number of active cores in BOINC to 1, aka only a single unit at a time; you're having lots of invalids, aka crunching errors, and I bet the reason is bad cooling. Reducing the load should help alleviate some of that. If you have OCed either the RAM or CPU, remove those as well.

Invalid or error? My task page shows 1392 valid tasks vs 8 invalid ones. Is that ratio not high enough?

For errors, the problem is Windows 10 updates messing with my graphics driver. 25 of my errors are GFN from a mid July Windows update, the other 85 are from the beginning of this week when another Windows update led my computer to try (and fail) AP27 tasks that many times until I noticed. So, no cpu problems there :)

Checking my temps, after ~2 hours of running at a constant 100% cpu use, the cores are all at 150F. Not cold, but surely not excessively hot either?
3) Message boards : Problems and Help : What is 50% core use supposed to do? (Message 109903)
Posted 870 days ago by James
I believe I read on here that llr tasks benefit from having hyperthreading off, and that setting number of cores to 50% effectively accomplishes this. It was my understanding that the benefit is so large, that although there are 1/2 the tasks running, the tasks will finish in more than double the time.

Is this accurate? I tried it for the 321 challenge, and task manager says that with 4 tasks running, each was using 15% cpu power with 35% of cpu unused, and with 8 tasks running, each was using 11-12% cpu power with 0% of cpu unused. I can imagine increased cpu power per task having a nonlinear effect on the speed tasks are completed, but a 25% increase in cpu power per task causing a 100+% increase in task completion speed? That seems a little hard to believe.

Just want to make sure I'm crunching as fast as I can ...
4) Message boards : Problems and Help : When can I turn my computer off? (Message 109721)
Posted 873 days ago by James
In theory, you don't even have to do that. You should be able to just pull the power without losing the task.

But to play it safe, suspending computation is recommended. There's nothing in the log that indicates what might have gone wrong.

Interesting! I guess I'll have to test it out more thoroughly in the future.

However, the log does show the task starting and stopping repeatedly. Are you by any chance using TThrottle? I've always wondered if starting and stopping the task like that could prevent the app from checkpointing. Theoretically that could cause all sorts of problems when attempting to restart.

Not sure, but I doubt it. I didn't knowingly install any throttling software, but since this laptop is supposed to come with all the bells and whistles, I suppose it could have had some preinstalled.

I remember a time in the past (not this WU) when I had left Primegrid running overnight and had forgotten to turn the fan on or something, and when I checked the CPU temps they were ~200F. I would assume that would be enough to trigger any throttling software, but I don't remember any abnormal computer behavior.

Oh well. Now that I know how to prevent more WUs from being sent, I can get through my current ones and then restart my computer, which will hopefully fix another unrelated Primegrid problem my computer has. I'll test turning the power off with tasks running/suspended in a few weeks, when my success/error ratio is a bit better ;)

Thanks for the help Michael!
5) Message boards : Problems and Help : When can I turn my computer off? (Message 109715)
Posted 873 days ago by James
Aha! I thought I had seen the option somewhere ...

So you're saying suspending the tasks is supposed to allow people to shut down their computers, and something just messed up with me when I did it?
6) Message boards : Problems and Help : When can I turn my computer off? (Message 109713)
Posted 873 days ago by James
So, a pretty basic question, but when can I turn my computer off? I figured suspending the task would be sufficient, but a recently lost 90% GFN 21 says otherwise. I also looked for a way to tell Primegrid to let me finish the stuff I'm working on, but don't send more WUs, but I didn't see that option.

Is there an FAQ page somewhere? I tried looking on the wiki and on the stickied posts here and in the general discussion forum, but I didn't see one ... however, I have been known to overlook the obvious.
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