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1) Message boards : Problems and Help : changes of email address (Message 50486)
Posted 3134 days ago by Profile veebee
Hi, as I am sure many others in the boinc world would, I have made changes to me ISP - and therefore my email address.

The last time I did (a while back now) I used the new email address in any new projects I signed up in and as you would be aware, this led to split cpid/ stats... not fun for those who try to make a decent dent in Boinc.

I therefore changed all my projects back to the original email address I had when I started crunching back in '06 and all was well with the stats world again....

however, it means that when I am "supposed" to be contacted by a project team, as in the case of notification of primes here... I do not GET such notifications...

is there some way / someone who can change our email addresses without it causing the inevitable split of stats etc ??

Many thanks,

Veebee (John)
2) Message boards : Number crunching : GPUs (Message 20555)
Posted 3895 days ago by Profile veebee
I get around 45,000 aday out of my ATI 4770's (each) and "only' 35-40K a day out of my GTX 275.

the 4770's cost half what the 275 cost.. yet does. Collatz WU's in 17 - 18 minutes as opposed to 24 - 25 minutes.

4770 - the cheapest double-precision card you can get.. if its purely for Boincing, you cant get better value for money.
3) Message boards : General discussion : IN THE NEWS (Message 17809)
Posted 4042 days ago by Profile veebee
PLEASE NOTE : this is NOT a recruiting post or whatever for our team.. more, a suggestion what some of you guys/ gals might want to try to get more people into helping out with D.C.

"Heroes with a hard drive"...

for those of you who are interested in both the credit race AND getting as many OTHER people crunching as possible, here's what we (B@A) have done (was the most read article in the tech section of ALL e-newspapers in Australia (something like that - made editors choice etc). I had to dumb things downa bit for the "below-average" readers... at the reporters request..

(am I allowed to put a link in here? - delete it if not...)


* and NO, I do NOT have all those monitors etc hooked up.. 4 port KVM for the 4 boxes down there.... and I put all the kids laptops up for "aesthetics".. haha
4) Message boards : Proth Prime Search : PPS Sieve (Message 11725)
Posted 4319 days ago by Profile veebee
I have 3 q6600's running ubuntu 8.04 x64. all O'clocked to 3.oGhz or higher.

I'll crunch 'em if you let me .... Pwitty pweeezzz!
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