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1) Message boards : General discussion : My computer is in fact having a 64-bit processor. What tasks are available? (Message 37153)
Posted 3173 days ago by Gerry Michaud
I was hesitant to go with Windows 7 x64 last year, mostly worried about application and driver compatibility, but I have never regretted going with x64. I have it now on home desktop and laptop systems, my work system, and the system I bought for my motherm, running BOINC projects on all of them. I have had no probmes with apps or drivers, but you should list all your hardware and verify availablility of 64bit drivers before deciding. Don't forget about printer drivers.

Keep in mind that x64 is the future. What isn't 64bit today probably will be in the near future. Also - and this is a BIG also - x64 gives you MUCH more available memory (hardware dependent). Some BOINC projects, like Rosetta, want a lot of memory. I now have 8GB in my work & main home machine and can finally run my normal desktop apps, BIONC apps and my 2GB virtual PC with no performance problems.

64bit is the future, and the future is NOW :-}
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