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1) Message boards : Number crunching : PPS (Sieve) Cobblestone Recalibration (Message 37877)
Posted 3736 days ago by michaelCG*
I am sorry, but i am really just annoyed of the fact, that the credit reduction and the according information came nearly at the same time (Maybe even in the wrong order). This is Ghaddafi-Dictator-Style. If you want to play fair, keep the people informed about your tactical moves. If you are planning changes, why can't anyone of the administration post it one or two weeks before the change happens?

This medal like every other has TWO sides, you (the maintainer or the project) and us (the people who invest money, time, electricity).
We would like to be treated fair. In sportive way we seek the competition.
but imagine two people with 100%exactly gpu/cpu-runtime, 100%exactly hardware but 2 different starting-dates:
szenario a) they have the same credit
szenario b) they have different credit

So vote a) or b) which you think is fair?
2) Message boards : Problems and Help : TRP LLR marked as invalid (Message 36688)
Posted 3766 days ago by michaelCG*
Okay.. i am not really sure, wether it was something corrupt in the boinc-manager or if there was something wrong with the application/file/folder according to the PrimeGrid TRP-LLR. But one of it WAS the fault.

I've done a reset to for the project
and (to do not waste time) de-installed boinc-manager and installed the new version. (from 6.10.58 to 6.12.26).

Now it is working. Thx to ConflictingEmotions for pointing me to the right way.

3) Message boards : Problems and Help : TRP LLR marked as invalid (Message 36663)
Posted 3767 days ago by michaelCG*
thx to all of you.

@ mfbabb2: permissions and disc-space are no problem.

@ ConflictingEmotions: "No Errors" was meant like "no System Errors, Warnings, BSOD or anything like that, but not in the meaning like "The TRP-LLR results where fine" ;) BUT thx for your tipps, and your link to bad drivers or antivirus software seems to contain some information that could be very helpfull. But it will take some time to figure it out what exactly is going wrong.

@ Scott Brown: I'd run memtest for a night without any hint of a failed RAM-Module, but when i have excluded to other possibilities step by step i'll re-seat the modules.

As soon as i've fixed the problem, i'll let you know the results :) (maybe up to 3 days)
4) Message boards : Problems and Help : TRP LLR marked as invalid (Message 36631)
Posted 3767 days ago by michaelCG*
Can anybody tell me, WHY TRP-WU's are marked as invalid?
for example see =>

On the one PC with the Q6600-CPU most of the tasks getting marked as invalid. On another PC the Workunits are validated without any problem.

I had no errors, and any other Project or Subproject is running fine.
Is there anyone else having problems with TRP-LLR on Vista64 machine???

Temperatures are ok, RAM is checked and ok, Harddisk is checked too and is working fine. BT: I've done no overclocking.

Any suggestions?
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