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1) Message boards : Generalized Fermat Prime Search : No work for some n (Message 99743)
Posted 1883 days ago by Profile Jaska*Project donor
Thanks for the prompt replies. So it's really not a complicated issue after all.

I'm slightly wary of early adoption when it comes to Apple products. I'll give it a month or so before I upgrade to Sierra, if I upgrade at all. I don't want to risk breaking CS6 and of course MacPorts doesn't like OS upgrades very much either.

If the computation times seem reasonable, I may step up to higher n ranges to chase down that next badge.
2) Message boards : Generalized Fermat Prime Search : No work for some n (Message 99736)
Posted 1883 days ago by Profile Jaska*Project donor
My office machine has been running MilkyWay tasks at the rate of 6 per minute for a few months, but I decided to go back to good ol' PrimeGrid since MW's database is all kinds of messed up right now.

I wasn't getting any GFN-15 or GFN-16 tasks, however. Those were the only ones selected in my preferences. All I saw was "got 0 new tasks." However, the status pages here show plenty of unsent tasks for both n values.

I thought it was a problem similar to the "newer AMD card" bug of earlier this year, but rather than bumping up an old thread I thought I'd ask here.

Ought to point out I DO get PPS-Sieve tasks at that machine. Running em right now. In fact, I also get GFN-17 low tasks. Just not 15 or 16. Haven't tried 17 MEGA or any other higher-n tasks because I want to be sure the machine is stable running two PG tasks as it is. MW tasks weren't a big deal, PG might be. ;)

Something wrong with those lower-n projects, or what?

(I'd put it on AP27 but no Mac app for that ... I better see an announcement soon as there is, though!)
3) Message boards : General discussion : Larger, clearer badges (Message 99689)
Posted 1884 days ago by Profile Jaska*Project donor
Ah, I wondered about that. Cool. I never really had an issue with visibility, but then again I guess I have younger eyes... ;) (okay, or a big monitor)

I never understood "Wn" for Woodall. WOO makes more sense, especially since that's the abbreviation used in the workunits. "Cn" for CulleN seemed alright though. Nice to have more uniformity though. Almost all three characters, except AP.

Good call with the badge facelift.
4) Message boards : Generalized Fermat Prime Search : GFN Status by n-Range (17-22) (Message 89153)
Posted 2242 days ago by Profile Jaska*Project donor
Thank you for deleting/moving my post without notification. I also appreciate the use, in your explanation(s), of mathematical terminology with which I'm not explicitly familiar. If the answer to my question really must reference my inability to differentiate between different "types" of OCL dependencies, well, I'm terribly sorry for missing the part where the Preferences indicate I need a specific GPU (in this case, the significantly more useful 6950/70 or better...) Actually, I'm not sorry, because the Preferences page says nothing of the sort.

Don't worry, though - I read up on it. I wouldn't dream of asking a stupid question regarding something that's already been discussed. Believe me - I used to moderate the official RuneScape forums. -.-

I just wasn't specifically aware that these applications were referred to (at least internally) by names differing from their <user-friendly name/>. Oops!

I'm aware my equipment is old and out-dated. Seriously, I wish I had DP-capable components in all of my machines, but I simply cannot afford it at this time. I don't want to resurrect my GTX 460 either, since the central heating is currently turned on and that effectively renders such a card useless, y'know...

Please make an effort to better explain specific application requirements in the "Preferences" area rather than simply placing a check box under "OpenCL." You can't just expect people to know what is meant by "n=16" or "n=15" when it only appears in size-10 font in the Preferences menu and not at all in the BOINC Manager (indeed, the naming convention makes it appear as a version/build number, not an app-specific parameter.) ;)

It does not help that ALL of these tasks are simply lumped under the "Genefer" sub-project. I obviously understand the rationale from an administrative standpoint, but I'm currently merely an observational project contributor, rather than a somewhat-serious recreational mathematician, as I once was...what seems like ages ago...

I can't help but think that perhaps, if I was as involved in PrimeGrid now as I was in 2011-2012 or so, this exchange would not have happened. Apologies.
5) Message boards : Generalized Fermat Prime Search : GFN Status by n-Range (17-22) (Message 89148)
Posted 2242 days ago by Profile Jaska*Project donor
I've been running 32768 tasks just fine, about four minutes each (give or take), but it appears all the 65536 units return errors. Error (7) at runtime (which isn't described in stderr) and error (-161) at completion (which is upload failure, for some reason).

Here's an example.

Both machines running GFN tasks are using (aging) XFX HD 6850 GPUs. I won't run with CPU as the one is a bit of a dinosaur and the other is doing something else already.

Stderr asks me to ensure my GPU is capable. Well, yes, it is, according to every other OCL task I've ever run on any project with decent developers, so...

Did I miss something?

(edit: removed signature as I've now got so many badges it breaks the CSS - sorry!!)
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Itching for new GPU (Message 85423)
Posted 2410 days ago by Profile Jaska*Project donor
I'm using two Gigabyte 6850s across two boxes. At one point they were both in the same unit, but then the power supply exploded and I decided to dial it back a bit...

The 280X seems like the best choice in my opinion as well, if you must go AMD. Historically, AMD cards haven't been the best at the sort of raw linear power required by PrimeGrid apps. Indeed, I remember a time when nVIDIA cards were outperforming comparable/competing AMD/ATi cards by 100% or more...

These days, AMD is really on top of their game, especially if you aren't made of money. ;)

Good all-around choice, especially if you want to play games now and then. XD
7) Message boards : General discussion : Stepping back a bit (Message 85422)
Posted 2410 days ago by Profile Jaska*Project donor
Michael, your knowledge and dedication has allowed you to do PrimeGrid, BOINC, and the wider mathematical community a great service.

I'm sure I speak for many here when I say your transparency in this matter is greatly appreciated - nearly as much as are your contributions to PrimeGrid over the last several years. :)

Best of luck with all your real-world endeavours. I have found myself in very similar situations lately - I used to be quite active 'round here, but not so much in the last couple years - so I understand the "burnt-out" feeling.

Again, thank you for your efforts and insight! It's nice to know you are not leaving for good.
8) Message boards : General discussion : OS X Yosemite (Message 80996)
Posted 2565 days ago by Profile Jaska*Project donor
Van Zimmerman, just judging by some of the components you've mentioned having in your machines (notably the "AMD machine,") my guess is you're running a hackintosh system, or several given I don't recall Apple ever shipping a machine with a GTX 680 (or any GTX series card for that matter).

If you aren't using Apple hardware, you're liable to experience bugs that Apple hardware might not. That doesn't mean you should stop, since it also looks like you've gotten stuff working again. If that is the case, good on you for getting Yosemite up on non-Apple hardware so quickly. :o

Still haven't upgraded either of my Macs. My parents haven't either. So there are four (modern) Macs here with Mavericks still. The other Macs are between eight and twenty-two years old, so...
9) Message boards : General discussion : OS X Yosemite (Message 80958)
Posted 2568 days ago by Profile Jaska*Project donor
I've yet to upgrade either of my Macs, and I'm not sure if my parents have done so with their Macs either. I'm not even sure I can, given I brilliantly used a 64GB SSD for the OS on my primary machine...and it's full. The 11" Air my mom uses is in a similar boat, and my 13" has about 2GB free, maybe. Oops.

It's good to know everything still works, though. Historically, I've always had to re-install BOINC after doing an IPU on any Mac, from Leopard onwards. It's the only program to have its permissions messed up during such a transition. My guess is it's due to the highly-specific requirements of the BOINC master, which in turn probably translates to what is essentially a system-specific install. If certain signatures change around it, it'll freak out. That's my understanding of it, though. BOINC requires low-level access not required of most (non-system) OS X programs; the other programs which require such permissions will typically ask at either opening the program or before executing a task that needs elevated permissions.

Of course, none of this explains why I've never had a single issue with upgrading various Linux distros on machines that run BOINC. I tend to think way too hard about this stuff, anyway.

Either way, I'm gonna make sure I clone the entire drive before doing anything. I've gotten kicked in the rear by "early adoption" before, although to be fair it was Windows 8...
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Mac OS X 10.9 "Mavericks" upgrade (Message 75747)
Posted 2786 days ago by Profile Jaska*Project donor
Sorry to bump up an old-ish thread (albeit one with recent posts) but it's better than starting a new one...especially since I don't have enough to say to merit a new topic entirely.

I decided to re-enable GPU computing on my primary Mac computer, as I rarely use it actively anymore - it sits at home when I travel as it's rather heavy compared to my alternative laptops. This is a late 2012 MacBook Pro with extensive customisations running 10,9,2 and BOINC 7,1,13. It's the last non-Retina 15" made, with a 650M and Intel 4000 graphics, both of which show up in BOINC.

At first, tasks ran like this one, which is obviously not ideal. "Not compute capable." I believe at the time the driver installed was 5,3* or something close - not the latest and certainly not functional. CUDA 6,0,37 is now installed by simply upgrading through System Preferences. Restarted BOINC (not even the computer) and tasks are now running to completion (and validating) roughly every hour. Not as fast as I expected, but the interface lag is also much less noticeable than expected too.

Only weird thing is they all run "high priority." Whatever. No more instant errors at least. So, I finally have a decent GPU to throw at PrimeGrid again! :D

Interesting the difference between CUDA and OpenCL for this app, always has been. My HD 6850s will do a task in about the same time, and those are factory-OC'd desktop cards on Windows...

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