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1) Message boards : Problems and Help : CUDA won't work (Mac) (Message 40775)
Posted 3929 days ago by Frosty
Hi all,

So I finally figured out what drivers I need to download in order to run CUDA on my MBP, but it's not all going according to plan. Here's the sitch:
1) Installed CUDA driver for Mac version 4.050 (I think)
2) BOINC eventually found both GPUs, depending on which was activated (I gave the 9400/9600GT MacBook Pro, fully up-to-date 10.6.8)
3) Downloaded a PPS Sieve task and started crunching on it very slowly with the 9600 (took 6+ hours to get to 80% - obviously not the speed boost I was looking for)
4) I decided to reboot the system and voila - No usable GPUs found
5) Updating to the latest BOINC manager and reinstalling the CUDA driver doesn't help one bit

I'm not up much on under-the-hood stuff for BOINC so if anyone could explain in layman's terms what I might do to resolve this, it would be very much appreciated. Cheers!
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