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1) Message boards : Sieving : Cullen/woodall sieve (Message 53479)
Posted 3186 days ago by Bernd Schnitker
This is what the PrimeGrid errors look like. I just got the same set of errors in Collatz. I'm copying the Collatz message here for informational purposes and will also post them in Collatz.
Thu Apr 26 19:04:39 2012 | Collatz Conjecture | Task collatz_2375033642863672666472_824633720832_1: no shared memory segment
Thu Apr 26 19:04:39 2012 | Collatz Conjecture | Task collatz_2375033642863672666472_824633720832_1 exited with zero status but no 'finished' file
Thu Apr 26 19:04:39 2012 | Collatz Conjecture | If this happens repeatedly you may need to reset the project.

I think it may represent the GPU ran out of memory and silently stopped working until it was told to suspend and then BOINC notices it has stopped and posts the error.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : GPU tasks Failing (Message 53469)
Posted 3186 days ago by Bernd Schnitker

I needed the new driver to make sure video content displayed properly in Chrome.

But, form another thread, I think I've found the answer:

1) Set the power saving settings so the monitor never goes to sleep. Just turn off the monitor if you are going away from the computer.

Not done an extensive test so far, but it seems to be working.

Sounds like this is the Nvidia driver sleep bug. Just to let you know the 300.25 and above driver version fixes this bug. I know the 300.xx drivers are in beta testing on the Nvidia dev site I think they are set to go live for every on real soon now if not already out.
3) Message boards : Sieving : Cullen/woodall sieve (Message 53450)
Posted 3187 days ago by Bernd Schnitker
I have been seeing my CW CUDA Sieve WU silently dying and then ending in maximum work time elapsed error message if I don't cache them in time. The CPU part of the application keeps running but no further progress is made on the GPU and the progress bar stops. If I suspend the WU and the unsuspend the WU resumes at the last checkpoint some times losing 12+ hours of fake crunch time. This one I did not catch in time before the clock ran out.
My system in a Mac Mini 2010 model with an Nvidia 320M GPU OS X 10.6.8 8GB ram.
The error message when I restart the WU is something about missing shared memory or something like that and a warning to watch and see if it keeps happening. I looked for the exact wording but is not in the message log since the last time I restarted BOINC in the last 5 days since I last restarted boinc. It happens at least once a week.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Sub-project "life" expectancy (Message 52951)
Posted 3201 days ago by Bernd Schnitker
Oh I'm going to be so close to my Bronze badge on Sophie looks like I'm short 300 pts right now. I'm NNT all other projects and both cores will be on Sophie and I will keep my fingers crossed.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Questions about the challenge series (Message 52736)
Posted 3207 days ago by Bernd Schnitker
Well if it can't be run a CPU I will not be able to take part. My only GPU is a lower end 1.2 CC GPU. Also it is a Mac and the last time I checked no GPUs on a Mac can run this no matter what type of GPU you have.
Edit OK so GPU's are now supported for Macs so my info was out of date. I still have no eligible GPUs. Oh well will wait and see how this one plays out.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : The Marie Sophie Germain Challenge 2012 (Message 52577)
Posted 3209 days ago by Bernd Schnitker
Well I will be staying with this project for the cleanup and most likely beyond. I thought I had my badge on Sophie but it is the one I'm missing so I will crunch away to get it. This one take a silly # of WU for this badge.
Then all I need is to find my first prime. I don't care if it is a record I just want one!!!
7) Message boards : Seventeen or Bust : Sorry about killing a SOB WU (Message 52427)
Posted 3211 days ago by Bernd Schnitker
I picked up a SOB WU just before the Sophie Germain challenge and I had to kill it. I thought I had turned off all other projects but a SOB was picked up. If I had had time to run it I would have but it would have taken way to long and finished after the challenge was done. Again to Apologies to my wingmen.
8) Message boards : General discussion : A Melancholy Farewell (Message 51448)
Posted 3232 days ago by Bernd Schnitker
Thanks John and "Fair winds and kind seas"
9) Message boards : Sieving : ppsieve OpenCL *Mac* testing (Message 39316)
Posted 3437 days ago by Bernd Schnitker
Any changes with OS 10.7.1 Lion? I have not yet upgraded but am watching with interest. Also any changes/ updates on 10.6.8 Snow Leopard?
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Credit Milestones (Message 36249)
Posted 3532 days ago by Bernd Schnitker
Hey I'm finally over 1 million credits. I have one slower C2D + slow GPU cruncher with 12 different projects so I am feeling pretty good about this.

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