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1) Message boards : Extended Sierpinski Problem : IT'S ALIVE! (Message 77159)
Posted 2002 days ago by MasterSam
Congrats for launching this new sub-project !
Hopefully it will revitalize the good ol' SOB project (and PSP too).

I like the sound of this one, though :D

(Japan-made ESP guitars fyi)
2) Message boards : News : GFN Sieving (Message 62209)
Posted 2497 days ago by MasterSam
It looks like this thread (and associated work) has fallen into oblivion...

The ranges have been increased, there still IS work to do if you'd like to !

Cheers , y'all crunchers ;)

>GFN Sieve<
3) Message boards : Number crunching : drivers version 306.97 from Nvidia (Message 58411)
Posted 2605 days ago by MasterSam
I'm not sure I understand your concern...

Are you saying that with the latest drivers from nVidia, only one GTX260 out of your two models were recognized by Boinc and could crunch WUs ?

I'd say your "old" cards dont necessarily need up-to-date drivers to crunch (I keep 285.62 for my 560Ti), so it's not a real issue.
4) Message boards : News : GFN Sieving (Message 55991)
Posted 2716 days ago by MasterSam
Oui il faut s'inscrire de nouveau, mais pour des raisons pratiques, je te conseille de reprendre ton pseudo d'ici et ton adresse mail d'enregistrement.

Par ailleurs, si tu pouvais éviter de divaguer pour aller droit au but, ça aiderait (je pense) ceux qui vont tenter de traduire tes propos (je dis ça sans méchanceté hein ! Seulement je ne sais pas si tu te rends compte de la qualité du traducteur que tu utilises...ça ne veut rien dire, c'est du mot à mot !)

Quant aux difficultés "techniques", il s'agit simplement de télécharger une archive, la décompresser, suivre les instructions détaillées (mais en anglais, certes) du post de JimB (cf. lien ad hoc) et de lancer le calcul par une ligne de commande. Rien à voir avec de la programmation, même s'il est vrai qu'ouvrir une invite de commandes sort des sentiers battus du "je lance BOINC et il gère tout seul comme un grand".
J'ai envie de dire, si ça rebute, il reste suffisamment de projets qui accepteront ta puissance de calcul supplémentaire (meme PrimeGrid, il faut voir ce crible Genefer comme un bonus).

@others : in short, he's complaining that running this sieving requires 1) another registration 2) English instructions 3) programming abilities. and suggests you make it easier. Finally, he wonders why there are those prerequisites, unless they're here on purpose (ironically I guess). */end quote*

I did not fully read/understood post #55976. Looks like he was high xD (no offense Rensk)
5) Message boards : Sophie Germain Prime Search : Great News to come.. (Message 53247)
Posted 2786 days ago by MasterSam
Thanks for your answer.
Luckily enough I managed to get over my goal.

As someone said earlier in the topic, I'll leave SGS remaining tasks to those needing them, although from what I read >here< it's going to be done before we reach the end of the week.

Going to focus on GFN now :D
6) Message boards : Sophie Germain Prime Search : Great News to come.. (Message 53201)
Posted 2787 days ago by MasterSam

No. We will complete the sievefile, there are not much left.

I think we have about 800k in Boinc and 200k in PRPNet left.


Hello there,

I wonder if this is still accurate and if you were talking about a number of WUs still to compute or if the figure is about something else.
I'd never thought I'd worry about that someday, but I would love to get my silver badge (at last !) so I hope I'll be able to do ~1k tasks (WUs) before the stack is exhausted ^^

Good job to all crunchers for this awesome news, btw !
7) Message boards : Generalized Fermat Prime Search : GeneferOpenCL for ATI: How much interest is there? (Message 53001)
Posted 2792 days ago by MasterSam
Hello there,

although I've been browsing this forum for a while now, this is only my very first post here.

I would like to emphasize the fact that the new AMD "Tahiti" cards are really, theoretically, powerful when speaking of DP computation : with an o/c 7970, you can reach 1TFlops just for DP calculations !

This is why I believe, regardless of how many people showed interest here, it would be a benefit on the long term to develop an OpenCL version of the Genefer client.

Of course, I do know it's not something you can do in a blink of an eye, but nevertheless it's something worth considering...not to mention that the next GK110 might be still crippled to death, rendering the full Kepler generation useless for GeneferCUDA, and making an OpenCL version waaaaaaay more efficient.

Kudos to all PG team anyway.

MasterSam. [currently with an HD5850, considering an HD7970 for the summer]

PS : as English is not my mother tongue, please forgive any mistake I could have made previously.
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