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1) Message boards : Problems and Help : Possibly pedantic perception of potentially problimatic parenthetical positioning (Message 128944)
Posted 23 hours ago by Profile composite
You could have flipped it around to make 100% ;p

Potentially problematic parenthetical positioning possibly producing pedantic perception.

EDIT Although cause and effect is not necessarily the intended interpretation
2) Message boards : General discussion : Duh, what am I missing here? (Message 128762)
Posted 8 days ago by Profile composite
I found the boo-boo in the short proof, so I think I saved it.
Thankfully, it's near the end, so there's not a lot to change.
3) Message boards : General discussion : Duh, what am I missing here? (Message 128757)
Posted 9 days ago by Profile composite
I wrote it up and went to bed, thinking... there it was.
The next day I read it over and decided to tweak a few statements for clarity.

Then I tried the unthinkable. What happens if I invert the logic in the key part?

Oh *&#*! The saga continues. The short proof isn't any good.
Opposite statements work equally well - which means the proof doesn't work at all.

Nice catch. Back to the long version. And maybe that's wrong too.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : how many gpus do you have and the model (Message 128661)
Posted 13 days ago by Profile composite
Keith wrote:

Right now the 1030, 760, and 230 are all on a shelf.
For challenges/TdP the 1030 makes a reappearance.
The GTX 760 is a good backup card in case something dies.

The GTX 760 is 40% to 60% faster than the GTX 1030.
Have a look through the Fastest GPUs page over on the left.

So your usage of the 760 and 1030 should be reversed, unless power consumption or overheating is an issue.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Badges III (Message 128613)
Posted 15 days ago by Profile composite

I'm going to miss out on Sapphire :( Don't think I can do 10 million in 3 weeks. At least I got Jade.

You could recruit CPUs from other PG participants to give you a hand.

- following which you repay the favour in equal number of credits on your helpers' project(s) of choice.

You've got some nice GPU assets there that can be used in exchange, without putting a huge ding in your time budget.

Better get cracking, 3 weeks is not a lot of time - you need horsepower for 500,000 credits per day, and rising.

Your machines currently generate just under 400,000 credits per day on GCW Sieve. I can put in 2 machines with just under 200,000 credits per day with your weak account key. Together, you should be done in just over 2 weeks. You could repay me with about 3.3 million credits of GFN-21 shortly after.
6) Message boards : General discussion : Duh, what am I missing here? (Message 128611)
Posted 15 days ago by Profile composite
The proof is getting shorter.
I should retract any claim about machinery. It was a means to an end.
A more fundamental consideration of the problem makes the machinery redundant.

That's the stupid thing about mathematical proofs.
Everyone gets to see the ooh-ahh version without the cruft,
and no clue is revealed about the process that leads to the pièce de résistance.

I should give the write-up a go now.
7) Message boards : Generalized Cullen/Woodall prime search : GCW-Sieve is ending May 1st (Message 128450)
Posted 24 days ago by Profile composite
I hit my target for the GCW Sieve Emerald badge. Just waiting on pending tasks now.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Overclocking and voltages (Message 128294)
Posted 30 days ago by Profile composite
Guys working with 50,000 volt power transmission lines think that 5 volts is noise.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Year of the Pig Challenge (Message 127953)
Posted 41 days ago by Profile composite
Waiting for a wingman... Wow, talk about diminishing returns! This host is using 72 threads per llrGCW task, so over 1,000,000 CPU seconds @ 3 GHz on a high-end CPU and not getting good throughput. Also running running 69 tasks in parallel, which doesn't help. At least there's enough RAM.

This is not the only host configured this way. Someone needs to make a YT video on multithreading LLR tasks efficiently (for max both throughput or min runtime) and link it to the main PG page. The PG forums contain valuable info but the signal-to-noise ratio is really low.
10) Message boards : Number crunching : GTX 1660 Ti performance (Message 127551)
Posted 53 days ago by Profile composite
GFN18: 1,213 secs
GFN19: 2,830 secs
GFN20: 10,218 secs
GFN21: 43,661 secs
GFN22: <44 hours (non-client projection)

As fast as the GTX 1080 !?

NVidia says... "performance that rivals the GeForce GTX 1070" (

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