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1) Message boards : Number crunching : World Emoji Day Challenge (Message 150894)
Posted 617 days ago by Profile Farscape
All of the computers I am using to crunch I built for me personally - 2 have moved to friends homes for them to use (they contribute electricity for the cause!).

Does that kind-of count?
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Good Riddance 2020! Challenge (Message 147578)
Posted 804 days ago by Profile Farscape
What??!!?? You mean you don't have 7 computers?? Isn't that normal these days?

(Just kidding around)

I am a credit whore (read that as run Collatz) EXCEPT for these challenges - for the most part I have 4 OLD computers that are good for running nVidia RTX cards and not to good at CPU tasks. I also have some newer computers that I built as work stations for various businesses / family that are great at turning out CPU tasks and usually keep all my CPU work on Primegrid just to get prettier badges (and help the PG team find more primes)!

Whenever the GFN challenges come up I put everything on PG just to see how I stack up - you are correct - unless I buy more computers or lease some server time - I will never be as fast as the top 25 EVER. BUT I live pain and compete anyway!

This is only for fun and my mathmatical curiosity anyway.
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