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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Yuri's Night Challenge (Message 150062)
Posted 10 hours ago by Profile Michael GoetzProject donor
Should I be running this on CPU too?

Yes. It won't add a LOT of extra tasks, but every little bit counts.

What's the optimal number of threads?

All of them. Including hyperthreads. Seriously.

This is very slow on the CPU, and the challenge is only three days long, (and now there's really only one day left), so you need the tasks to finish as quickly as possible. I'm using three computers right now which are 8c/16t, 4c/4t, and 2c/4t, and I'm running WW on those CPUs at -t16, -t4, and -t4, respectively. The run times for those machines in that configuration are approximately 6 hours, 24 hours, and 72 hours. Yes, that last machine will barely complete one task. Maybe. it will be close.

EDIT: The three CPUs are AMD 3700X, Intel i5-4670K, and Intel i3-330M. No, I'm not bothering to reserve any threads for the GPU. WW hardly uses any CPU time, and keeping all threads crunching doesn't seem to impact the GPU speed, at least not on my 3700X/GTX 1060 combination.

EDIT2: As of right now, it looks like that last machine will finish its one and only task with about 40 minutes to spare. It started the task 7 seconds after the challenge started.
2) Message boards : Fermat Divisor Search : Fermat Divisor Search (Message 150012)
Posted 2 days ago by Profile Michael GoetzProject donor
Can it be removed from the pg prefs page?

When I get around to it, yes. I won't touch it until after the challenge is over, however.
3) Message boards : Fermat Divisor Search : Fermat Divisor Search (Message 150010)
Posted 2 days ago by Profile Michael GoetzProject donor

As a follow up to dannyridel's question, what project will become the new Focus project?

May I suggest SR5, relative short running time a lot of candidates and sooner (or later!) we can prove a conjecture the better!😁

With regards,

Hans Sveen

I've removed the focus project designation from DIV.

At this time, there's no particular project that we want people to focus on, so there not going to be a focus project for now.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Yuri's Night Challenge (Message 150009)
Posted 2 days ago by Profile Michael GoetzProject donor
how much work remains on this task. what are the approximate deadlines for the completion of the subproject?

We're at 19.65 percent.

The leading edge is 3625129000000000000 and assuming the software isn't changed, it will stop working at 18446744073709551616.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Should DC tasks be counted into the number of tasks a user has run on the home page? (Message 149848)
Posted 9 days ago by Profile Michael GoetzProject donor
Should DC tasks be counted into the number of tasks a user has run on the home page?
I mean, I technically ran 1/2 actual tasks of the number of SoB tasks thats shown on my home page. (meaning half of sob tasks recorded were DC)
Could this be changed to only reflect Primary tasks?

Do you mean the tasks returned in the last 24 hours?
As far as I know, for LLR2, it doesn't include DC.

The 24 hour code definitely only counts main tasks. I wrote that part, so I'm certain of this.

As for the stats lower down on the page, I *think* both main and DC tasks are counted, but I wrote neither the regular nor the llr2 validators, so I may have missed something. But from what I can see, DC tasks are counted here.

However it works, it's likely going to stay that way because there's absolutely no way to retroactively change it from one to the other. If we change the way it works, the stats will become a mixture, with some DC tasks counting and others not counting.
6) Message boards : Problems and Help : Feature suggestion - additional warning state (Message 149699)
Posted 17 days ago by Profile Michael GoetzProject donor
In a random look at recent work history I was surprised to find a couple of units with the big red WARNING status on them. That's something for me to look at separately. What I found interesting was that in looking through the results without such a warning, I saw the following:

Iter: 17819779/35148164, ERROR: ROUND OFF (0.403055214) > 0.4

To me, this is another bad state to be in, yet it was successfully (silently) recovered in this specific case. My request is for this to also be flagged with a WARNING status. If I understand correctly, the current warning is only shown if there is a Gerbicz check failure, indicating a computational error that was detected. This would be a similar state.

Unit showing the above error:

That “error” isn’t always an error. While it can be caused by an actual error, it also can be the result of LLR choosing too small an FFT. The fact that there’s no Gerbicz error makes it likely this is just too small of an FFT.

What is interesting is that when that part was repeated, the warning did not occur again, even though the exact same calculation was repeated. This is not unexpected. I’ll leave it to you as a thought experiment to figure out why.
7) Message boards : Wieferich and Wall-Sun-Sun Prime Search : Mac apps not as advertised? (Message 149694)
Posted 18 days ago by Profile Michael GoetzProject donor
According to the Applications page, all three Mac WW apps are working for "Mac OS 10.5+ running on an Intel 64-bit CPU".

My machines running Mac OS 10.13 fail immediately. Machines running 10.14 or higher work fine. Failing machine booted up on 10.14 works.

I vaguely remember reading a conversation regarding this (last year), but I cannot find it now. Are the Mac WW apps listed wrong on the Applications page?

Unfortunately, that messaging is hardwired and is not indicative of the actual software requirements. It can't be set individually for each app, so I'll change it to 10.14. Some apps *may* work on earlier versions. It's the same with Windows. The list says Vista is required, but some apps will run on XP. But not all.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Time to run a PPS Sieve on my CUDA went from an average of ... (Message 149671)
Posted 18 days ago by Profile Michael GoetzProject donor
Fun and games. In December the laptop quit. So I contacted HP and sent it in. Came back dead. Sent it again. Came back dead. Sent it in a third time with a strongly worded message. . I got an email in early January saying it would be back in a few days. That few days stretched into a few weeks. I finally got it back and it has been running fine. Except - the sieve job that used to take about 1/2 hour is now taking a touch over 2 hours. Temperature does not appear to be an issue this time. And the charger has no trouble keeping up. This is really frustrating. I'm on the verge of saying to heck with it. Any ideas short of saying to heck with it?

Check the power configuration settings. It may be set to lower the clock speed instead of speeding up the fan when it needs to cool down the CPU, which it definitely will need to do when crunching.
9) Message boards : Fermat Divisor Search : Fermat Divisor Search (Message 149645)
Posted 20 days ago by Profile Michael GoetzProject donor

If I'm understanding right, there are 15 tasks in progress and 0 waiting,
does that mean, that after these 15 WUs were completed successfully, the project will be terminated completely?

I'm a bit sad about that, becuase the tasks had a very comfortable length!

This was a project with a very specific goal, and was always intended to run for only a relatively short time.
10) Message boards : General discussion : How do I look at previous attempts at a task? (Message 149643)
Posted 20 days ago by Profile Michael GoetzProject donor
I think in LLR2, it doesn't matter which run you run, not mattering if _0 or _1, because the previous one must be aborted, due to the automatic error correction.

So this "suppressed showing before completing" became useless, at least for LLR2 projects (It's what I am thinking...). It would be interesting if this "suppresion" could be deleted?

We do not hide results on LLR2 projects. We do not hide results on sieve projects. That leaves the various GFN projects, AP27, WW, SGS and PPSE as the only projects where results are hidden. Eventually we would like GFN, SGS and PPSE to also join the list of projects which don’t need to do full double checks or have hidden results.

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