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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Sabotage of Number Crunching (Message 151655)
Posted 17 days ago by Profile JH30895Project donor
Maybe pause to think about the master of entropy at work.
I hope the A/C is running 24/7 to 'make sure' the computer doesn't overheat.

Not likely. The host is not processing anything. It is merely downloading WUs and waiting for them to time out, then deleting and downloading more. It has been doing so since last February. Probably doesn't use any more power than a nightlight.

The owner may have died. It happens, even to folks in our community. One's imagination can run wild with that.

An alternative hypothesis is that his intent is evil and he is just looking for attention.

Either way, there must be a way that this host could be "dis-enrolled" so that it would no longer be served. After all, if someone were deliberately faking results in order to sabotage a project, the powers that be could and would do so.

Have pity on the dead guy's heirs and lay wunk to rest.
2) Message boards : Problems and Help : Validating First Proof Tasks (Message 151525)
Posted 31 days ago by Profile JH30895Project donor
The proof tasks are not returned to you. They are sent to the next host requesting work, probably not you. Look in the tasks pages for the WU you completed and you will find a link to the proof task. There you can see who got it. It might even be you, but the odds of that are very slim.
3) Message boards : Wieferich and Wall-Sun-Sun Prime Search : Mac apps not as advertised? (Message 149714)
Posted 202 days ago by Profile JH30895Project donor
Okay, but for the record my 10.13 machines have been working fine on all other projects. It is ONLY the WW project that fails on them.

Computer ID 942772
Task 1207033875
4) Message boards : Wieferich and Wall-Sun-Sun Prime Search : Mac apps not as advertised? (Message 149685)
Posted 204 days ago by Profile JH30895Project donor
According to the Applications page, all three Mac WW apps are working for "Mac OS 10.5+ running on an Intel 64-bit CPU".

My machines running Mac OS 10.13 fail immediately. Machines running 10.14 or higher work fine. Failing machine booted up on 10.14 works.

I vaguely remember reading a conversation regarding this (last year), but I cannot find it now. Are the Mac WW apps listed wrong on the Applications page?
5) Message boards : General discussion : Top Computers (Message 149584)
Posted 208 days ago by Profile JH30895Project donor
As far as I can tell, the entire idea of challenges, or credits in general, is for bragging rights, so that is a given.

When it comes to hardware purchases/upgrades, none of the existing reports in the leader board or fastest categories are reliable, because they are based on recent activity, and everyone is engaged in different activities. They are apples-to-oranges comparisons. The only time that an apples-to-apples data collection is available is during a challenge.

The SoB-to-SoB comparison that is possible at the end of the current challenge cannot be obtained from Top Computers, although information on that page is what we would like to see.
6) Message boards : General discussion : Top Computers (Message 149572)
Posted 209 days ago by Profile JH30895Project donor

You are saying you want *challenge leaderboards* for computers, in addition to the current teams and users?

Yes. (Might have to exclude anonymous ones).
7) Message boards : General discussion : Top Computers (Message 149555)
Posted 210 days ago by Profile JH30895Project donor

No offense intended, but you are answering questions that I never asked. Must be some crosstalk involved. I will give it one more shot, and then shut up.

During any given challenge, the database purge is suspended for the given project for the duration of the challenge. While the challenge is ongoing, the subset of tasks that are within the time restrictions are queried and enumerated every 15 minutes or so. The results are presented broken out by individuals and teams, and after the challenge completes the final results are stored away for anyone to see, far into the future. The purge is reinstated, but the results are still visible on the Challenge Series page.

Why cannot the results query also break out the results by computer ID?

Sier"pi"nski's Birthday Challenge (SoB-LLR): Individuals | Teams | ComputerIDs
8) Message boards : General discussion : Top Computers (Message 149546)
Posted 211 days ago by Profile JH30895Project donor
Sorry, but the server doesn't store the necessary data to do this.

Then I must ask how it is possible to publish the standings during and after each challenge?

Perhaps I was unclear as to what I am proposing. I am NOT asking for a dynamically produced report like the Top Computers report. I only referenced that report because I like the format and the content (and the code is already written).

I am proposing that the challenge standings that currently consist of "Individuals" and "Teams" presentations be expanded to include a "ComputerIDs" category, as a static report at the end of each challenge. This would provide information that the Top Computers report promises, but fails to deliver.
9) Message boards : General discussion : Top Computers (Message 149530)
Posted 211 days ago by Profile JH30895Project donor
The Leader Boards menu contains a spreadsheet of Top Computers that has always struck me as having little value, unless one is running PPS (Sieve), exclusively. Even if one has the patience to page down past the first couple of hundred entries, it is not apparent what non-PPS (Sieve) tasks are behind the statistics. Would it be possible to create a similar page using only the tasks from the current/latest challenge, so that there is a consistent basis for comparison?
10) Message boards : Number crunching : LLR2 installed on all big LLR projects (Message 143276)
Posted 397 days ago by Profile JH30895Project donor
That’s unfortunate. Most of the Macs on PG are running something older, and many of those cannot run on 10.15 (Darwin 19 - Catalina), ever. Unless a wrapper can be built that is compatible with older versions of MacOS than the very latest one, most Mac users will be cut out of this project.

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