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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Oktoberfest Challenge (Message 133080)
Posted 119 days ago by robertmiles
I am using 436.15 from nvidias site and it seems to generate no errors.

The 436 drivers are known to generate problems for one type of workunit from SETI@Home, but not for some of the similar other types.

I use the 431.60 driver, the most recent release known not to have that problem, and I don't get errors either.

If you want to try it also, go to:

Scroll down to the Beta, Older drivers and more section.

Click on Beta and Older Drivers.

Note that the Nvidia program that normally checks whether a newer driver is available must be uninstalled if you do this, or it will keep trying to install the 436 driver.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Oktoberfest Challenge (Message 133068)
Posted 119 days ago by robertmiles
Seems some are having issues with AP

What driver version are you using? One of the recent Nvidia drivers is known to have problems in the CUDA/OpenCL section.

Also, the driver versions you get from Microsoft instead of Nvidia usually have the CUDA/OpenCL section removed.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : More GPU tasks for a while (Message 132420)
Posted 144 days ago by robertmiles
GPUGRID has stopped offering workunits again.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : More GPU tasks for a while (Message 132031)
Posted 158 days ago by robertmiles
GPUGRID is back to normal for tasks under Windows, but not for those under Linux.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : More GPU tasks for a while (Message 131937)
Posted 162 days ago by robertmiles
The GPUGRID project is currently having problems with their software licenses. These problems prevent generating GPU workunits that will run properly for most of the platforms they support. Computers running Windows XP might still be able to run them, but not computers running Linux or the more recent versions of Windows.

Expect more activity on the GPU versions of applications until they fix this problem, which is expected to take weeks.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Lennart Vogel Honorary Challenge (Message 131706)
Posted 168 days ago by robertmiles
Sorry, we've been trying to protect Lennart's privacy. There's probably no point in doing that anymore.

Around the beginning of 2015, Lennart Vogel suffered a stroke. He was not able to speak or communicate. The prognosis at the time was not good and he was not expected to recover.

We have had no additional information since then.

Of course, our thoughts and prayers go out to Lennart and his family.

Thank you for that update. At least, it appears that Lennart is still among us and hopefully his state has progressed such that he at least is not a vegetable. No matter the outcome, this basically teach everyone of us a reminder, to make the most of everyday and to not make a big deal out of small problems. Now let's all do a lot of crunching in Lennarts honor :)

Something to pass along to his family:

I've read that some of the basic movements that can be lost in a a stroke can be relearned more easily by watching, and imitating, a child who is learning them for the first time. For those who cannot understand communications to them, this is most likely to happen if the child is a close relative, such as a son or daughter of the person who had the stroke.

We'd like to know if he is able to understand communications to him, since that means he will be able to use this method faster.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : NVIDIA Quadro (Message 126939)
Posted 336 days ago by robertmiles
I'm thinking of replacing one of my desktops - but with such a strong power limit that there are very few suitable desktops available.

I've found one with a higher capability CPU, but I can't find enough information to tell how good the available GPU is. It is available with a Quadro P620. What is the expected performance of that card compared with a GeForce GT 1050 or a GeForce GT 545?

Cards with a recommended power system power supply greater than 300 watts are not of interest for this.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Isaac Newton's Birthday Challenge (Message 103547)
Posted 1102 days ago by robertmiles

This is where I'm coming from. Given the number of years SoB has been running it'll be a very long time before all of the primes are found if there even are all of the primes to find.

Look today CPU with AVX2 and look at computer before 10 years.

So everything is possible: in next 40 years, maybe we all have optical CPUs with compute speed we cannot imagine right now. And those CPU maybe solve SOB in few weeks.... who knows what will future give us :)

Moore's law says that processing power doubles every 18 months. So after 40 years that future CPUs will be about 10^8 times faster, and SoB crunching time will be reduced from today's 400h to 13ms. Of course in the meantime their length would have to be increased many times (probably about 10^6), to keep their length reasonable.

Moore's law is breaking down now. It's getting harder and harder to produce CPUs with smaller features, and we're near the limit of how much voltage can be reduced and still produce usable chips.

So it looks like some major change will be needed for much more speedup.

On the other hand, the Intel i7-5960X has been available for some time (octa-core with hyperthreading to make it look like 16 cores) and I've seen rumors about a Xeon Phi expected to be available later this year with up to 100 cores.
9) Message boards : AP26 - AP27 Search : AP27 2.02 problem? (Message 102205)
Posted 1130 days ago by robertmiles
So far, both 376.09 and 376.19 have worked without problems. Note that SOMEONE needs to try the new driver versions, unless everyone decides to use only the oldest driver version still available.
10) Message boards : AP26 - AP27 Search : AP27 2.02 problem? (Message 101519)
Posted 1144 days ago by robertmiles
Two tasks completed and validated with 376.09 so far, using a GT 440. I expect it to take days to be confidant that the problem is fixed.

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