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1) Message boards : Proth Prime Search : Problems with PPS (Sieve) 1.39 (openclPPSsieveMAC) (Message 77506)
Posted 2723 days ago by Profile [AF>Le_Pommier>]Prof
Hi all!

Is it the same for the opencl version on ATI/AMD??
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Mac OS X 10.9 "Mavericks" upgrade (Message 76315)
Posted 2766 days ago by Profile [AF>Le_Pommier>]Prof

You don't read all the message!!

Mac Pro 2009 / Mac OS X 10.9.2 / HD7950

3) Message boards : Number crunching : Mac OS X 10.9 "Mavericks" upgrade (Message 76286)
Posted 2767 days ago by Profile [AF>Le_Pommier>]Prof
Hi all!

I've a problem crunching Genefer tasks. They all finish on error after 2 seconds!!
PPS Sieve works fine on he same computer.
Mac Pro 2009 / Mac OS X 10.9.2 / HD7950
Have you an idea of the problem??

Here is the stderr:

Stderr output
process exited with code 1 (0x1, -255)
geneferocl 3.1.2-7 (Apple x86 64-bit OpenCL)
Copyright 2001-2013, Yves Gallot
Copyright 2009, Mark Rodenkirch, David Underbakke
Copyright 2010-2012, Shoichiro Yamada, Ken Brazier
Copyright 2011-2013, Iain Bethune, Michael Goetz, Ronald Schneider

Command line: primegrid_genefer_3_1_2_7_2.08_i686-apple-darwin__openclGFNMAC -boinc -q 415500^1048576+1 --device 0

No OpenCL device found.
08:53:02 (73076): called boinc_finish

4) Message boards : Sieving : ppsieve OpenCL *Mac* testing (Message 31003)
Posted 3978 days ago by Profile [AF>Le_Pommier>]Prof
I have a hd5870 on a 2x Xeon Sys, waiting for openCL work, MAC OS X 10.6.6.

Hi!! Where do you find the app for mac??
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