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1) Message boards : Problems and Help : Automatic Reporting of Primes (Message 7564)
Posted 4735 days ago by Profile nexus7
Thanks... Then I'm waiting for this new account and the email, because the day before yesterday I found mi first prime... I was thinking that the prime chest was empty :):):)

If the account with your name and surname isn't present in the Prime Pages, it will be created. If it is present, you will be contacted to change your password so that automated system can access your account.

2) Message boards : Problems and Help : Automatic Reporting of Primes (Message 7556)
Posted 4736 days ago by Profile nexus7
One question, only our name and surname??? And the rest of data the Prime Page needs??? This means that you'll use a generic account to register the primes???


You will still get an email with the numbers; however, you will be given an option to change your account login details so that PrimeGrid has access to it (if you want to do that in advance, you can email

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