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1) Message boards : Project Staging Area : LLR development version 3.8.7 is available! (Message 49791)
Posted 3301 days ago by opyrt
An early beta prime95 version 27.3 is available. This version supports 64-bit optimized AVX FFTs. 32-bit AVX FFTs are also a little bit faster. I haven't done full benchmarks so I'm not sure how much faster it is than versions 27.2 or 26.6.

The good/bad news is these FFTs are so fast that they are limited by memory bandwidth -- standard Sandy Bridge CPUs will experience a slow down when running all 4 cores. I'd like to hear from Sandy Bridge-E users to see if they also suffer slow downs when all 4 cores are running.

I don't think he means it will be slower...just that there will be a slowdown when running on 4 cores.

Ah, I probably misunderstood. Well, if someone compiles LLR with the newer gwnum, I'd be happy to test on both i7-2600 and i5-2500. :)
2) Message boards : Project Staging Area : LLR development version 3.8.7 is available! (Message 49784)
Posted 3301 days ago by opyrt
gwnum v27.3 has been released. Please see George's comments here. It can be retrieved here:

I came here to post the same thing. :)
But according to George, it's potentially slower on AVX computers...
3) Message boards : Prime Sierpinski Problem : PrimeGrid still checking k=90527? (Message 24820)
Posted 3888 days ago by opyrt
According to this page:

PrimeGrid is still checking k=90527. Is this just a delay in the system, or are those WUs still being handed out?
4) Message boards : Proth Prime Search : Rediscovered Primes (Message 24773)
Posted 3890 days ago by opyrt

You will only see the number off primes found before they are submitted.
You will see them in primes when they are verified on TOP5000 page.
This can take 1-5 days.

Maybe this should be explained on the "Prime number list for participant" page, as this question appears regularly? :)
5) Message boards : Prime Sierpinski Problem : Sierpinski Sieving (Message 24641)
Posted 3896 days ago by opyrt
Have you updated to the new combined sieve DAT? If yes, what kind of speedup do you see? :)
6) Message boards : Proth Prime Search : Lone Proth hunter: (Message 24481)
Posted 3905 days ago by opyrt
I give up.. This program of yours is too confusing to set up..

If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : PrimeGrid's Birthday/Summer Solstice Challenge (Message 24426)
Posted 3907 days ago by opyrt
But Team work with prevail!

You make it seem like there is no team work in what Team Norway is doing in the challenge... We've mobilized a lot of our crunchers for this challenge. That one participant outproduces the rest, doesn't make it any less of a team effort! :)

It's been a fun challenge for us so far and I'd like to thank you for letting us have the first place for half the challenge. I'd only wish it was the second half of the challenge! ;D

Keep on crunching!

Team Norway
8) Message boards : The Riesel Problem : TRP Sieve Discussion (Message 24420)
Posted 3908 days ago by opyrt
Have you considered increasing the value for "total tasks" for the TRP sieve WUs? I suspect quite a lot are stuck like this one:
9) Message boards : The Riesel Problem : TRP LLR Discussion (Message 24091)
Posted 3925 days ago by opyrt
This might be a really dumb question, but I'll take the chance asking it anyways... ;-)

As a couple of the k's are very small compared to the biggest ones, wouldn't it be smart to run them to a higher n than the others in hope of finding a prime? Smaller k's means shorter runtimes per candidate and if a prime is found, it will speed up sieving which helps all the other candidates.
10) Message boards : Seventeen or Bust : Seventeen or Bust and the Sierpinski Problem (Message 20827)
Posted 4043 days ago by opyrt
It's definitely worth investigating why the i7 Extreme 975 did not experience the "slowdown" on multiple cores.

A lot of memory stuff is redesigned on the i7, so my guess is that the bus is able to handle the demanding llr applications better than previous architectures. :)

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