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1) Message boards : General discussion : Genefer runtime way over time limit (Message 76432)
Posted 3011 days ago by bapu
Hi Michael,

You're running this on your GT 750M, correct?


As for what to do with this particular task, that's up to you. As Gary said, it's likely that you'll get credit for it if you decide to let it finish, but if it were me, I'd abort it and start running either the long or short GFN tasks using the OpenCL app. On that GPU (the GT 750M) switching apps should give you a significant boost in speed. That GPU might not be able to make the GFN-WR deadline even with the OpenCL app, but at least it will be closer.

As just mentioned, there was a jump which made me regain hope it won't take as long as estimated. However, if I see it slow down again, I'll probably switch to OpenCL.
2) Message boards : General discussion : Genefer runtime way over time limit (Message 76431)
Posted 3011 days ago by bapu
Hi Gary,

Thanks for the clarification.

Are you running Genefer (CPU or GPU) or Genefer (World Record) (GPU only)? On what sort of hardware? The reason I ask is your progress seems slower than I'd expect. As a point of reference, I have a NVidia GTX570 which can do a World Record unit in about 5 days, and one of the shorter Genefer units in something like 12 hours (IIRC; it's been a while). CPU runtimes for me are in the 5-day-ish range, I think (2600K, h/t off). There are of course a whole slew of reasons why units run faster or slower... just curious about this case.

As Michael suspected I run this on the mobile card. I'll give it some more time to see how things develop - the last hour brought a jump of 0.7%.

p.s. Wow just noticed you've got a TON of credit and history and only your 1st message board post. Welcome!

was lucky enough to have access to some nice machines for testing :) and so far everything went fine - this was my first "problem" ...
3) Message boards : General discussion : Genefer runtime way over time limit (Message 76427)
Posted 3011 days ago by bapu
I thought I might give the genefer a try - the overall run-time estimate seemed long but managable.

Now, after 48 hours of crunching I am told 6% of the task are done - which would mean I need another month or so to finish it (linearly extrapolated)

As this would be way over the time limit I got (June 2) I wonder whether a) I could extend the deadline somehow or b) might as well abort the task.

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