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21) Message boards : General discussion : A bit of fun - Primegrids very best (Message 118119)
Posted 851 days ago by Dirk SellstedProject donor
I had hit 35000 tasks before i got a dc prime.
22) Message boards : Generalized Cullen/Woodall prime search : GCW Sieve Factors Found (Message 117791)
Posted 866 days ago by Dirk SellstedProject donor
Completed tasks 4334
Credit 2,368,408.43
Factors found 14 (avg. 0.0032/task)
23) Message boards : Generalized Fermat Prime Search : Fun "Arithmetic Procession" of GFN primes project (Message 117364)
Posted 883 days ago by Dirk SellstedProject donor
I'm not trying to be a downer as I have tried to do the 15>16>17meg as well, but the statistics are not quite correct on the stats page. Best of luck, I've gotten a 15 and 16 but not 17 yet.. (well 2 double checkers but no prime finder)
24) Message boards : General discussion : Project Donor Badge (Message 117035)
Posted 893 days ago by Dirk SellstedProject donor
the person in charge is in the (Netherlands?) I think his time zone is 4:45am so it might be later today or around 09:00 UTC or in a couple days depends when he gets around to it. If it's been a couple of days message rytis.
25) Message boards : Number crunching : Validation inconclusive, place your bets (Message 116440)
Posted 908 days ago by Dirk SellstedProject donor
Got to give it to composite, knowing what I do about van he is willing to fine tune a system for efficiency and i could see him pushing it just a hair to far, and with the power draw he has he might be getting errors imposed by his electrical provider LOL.
26) Message boards : Number crunching : 2018 Mega Primes (Message 116438)
Posted 908 days ago by Dirk SellstedProject donor
seeing as the previous record was 61 and 365/61=~6 days I think were okay for a while.
27) Message boards : Problems and Help : multi threading always getting multiple tasks (Message 116245)
Posted 913 days ago by Dirk SellstedProject donor
I'm having a problem with a computer in that it's losing internet connection, and when it regains internet connection it downloads multiple tasks, it looks like it depends on if it's processing a task, eg: if it's working on a 321 and regains internet it downloads only 1 task, if it loses connection and finishes a 321 multi threaded t4 then regains it downloads 4 new tasks but runs it a single one at t4 and the others wait
28) Message boards : Number crunching : Credit Milestones (Message 116144)
Posted 915 days ago by Dirk SellstedProject donor
When my current pending credit clears, I will be at 100,000,000 credit :)
29) Message boards : General discussion : LOL Is this a new badge ? (Message 116119)
Posted 916 days ago by Dirk SellstedProject donor
Actually it's very old but nobody had reached 10,000 posts, until michael of course
30) Message boards : Number crunching : Year of the Dog Challenge (Message 116086)
Posted 917 days ago by Dirk SellstedProject donor
I asked for the first task 25 minutes too early... This competition snuck up on me and I only noticed it's start time 40 minutes prior to it actually starting.

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