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11) Message boards : Problems and Help : Bios update = no video out (Message 125408)
Posted 176 days ago by Dirk SellstedProject donor
I give up on tech. I'm buying a apple watch and calling it a day! (okay not buying a apple watch)... So I pulled my 1080ti and put it in my amd A10-7800 while i'm waiting for my motherboard to return (will it bottle neck? Heck yes it did!!!). So I ran cinebenchs gpu test, userbenchmark computer test, pretty much everything worked except primegrid. (not invalid results but the 3 second errors.) tried to reset everything, nothing seemed to work so I plugged the blow dryer back in (290x reference card) and its crunching just fine. So I have a 1080ti sitting on my desk until my motherboard returns. My A-10 came from a prebuilt so it only has 1 pcie slot so no chance of using a riser on a second slot. Would be scared to use a splitter.
12) Message boards : Problems and Help : Bios update = no video out (Message 125117)
Posted 181 days ago by Dirk SellstedProject donor
Tried the jumper on cmos, don't have the speaker to hear for a diagnostic code unfortunately. Didn't think of the usb method, (the boot drive is an nvme) that was located under the GPU so wasn't "easy" access but wouldn't have been hard to do. I would've tried that but I've already pulled everything apart and have it packaged. I wish i didn't have the worlds most awkwardly large cpu cooler, I would be tempted to put it together again to try that. (noctua 15 with am4 adapter, 8 different screws in 3 different place.)
13) Message boards : Problems and Help : Bios update = no video out (Message 125113)
Posted 181 days ago by Dirk SellstedProject donor
My gpu's only have hdmi and display port. My back up monitor only has vga or dvi-d. I plugged in my main monitor into another cpu and it confirms my gpu still works and my monitor.
14) Message boards : Problems and Help : Bios update = no video out (Message 125109)
Posted 181 days ago by Dirk SellstedProject donor
Updated my bios (Asus X370 - pro) to version 4207.

Direct download from USB stick (no internet). Finished download auto restart and nothing... for over 20 minutes. Pulled GPU and put in a different GPU (1800x no on board graphics), no video out. Called Asus tech support...

"pull out everything except boot drive, 1 stick of ram, gpu." So i disconnect fan headers, keyboard, sata to HDD's. No video out.

Google- Try disconnecting power and pulling cmos battery.
No video out...

Called Asus tech support - Yeah warrenty is good for 3 years so mail it to us and we'll fix or replace, you'll get an e-mail soon.

So before I mail off my MB anything else anyone might have an idea to try?

PS. Noctua thermal paste held up amazingly since April 2017. Other then dusting and new thermal paste. Anything else I should do since I've already pulled my MB out?
15) Message boards : Number crunching : 2019 Mega Primes (Message 124844)
Posted 187 days ago by Dirk SellstedProject donor
Did I finally get one? I'm so excited even though it probably isn't me.
16) Message boards : Number crunching : Bad Hosts (Message 124718)
Posted 190 days ago by Dirk SellstedProject donor
Sorry off topic, Jim is he running a server or HEDT processor that can actually finish those or is this a case of boinc being over optimistic of a cache running user.
17) Message boards : Number crunching : Bad Hosts (Message 124680)
Posted 191 days ago by Dirk SellstedProject donor
There's always a bigger fish

So even host A, who normally wins but may lose some because of the effect of the bad host, still benefits some times from the bad host. And if you happen to own host D -- the fastest, badest, $2000 CPU that exists and never, ever loses a fair rave -- you're winning almost every competition anyway, and running a huge number of tasks, and aren't worrying but the handful that you lose for a variety of inconsequential reasons.

Evidence to back up Mike's scenarios

Much weaker gpu won because of error machines delaying the wu.

I've had tasks that didn't have an error. It was only sent to two computers and the verified task wasn't delayed. The time difference between when the task was requested was just that large of a gap.

Computer A ran task in 44 minutes
Computer B requested task 43 minutes later
Computer B ran task in 6 minutes and reported second

Fastest computer doesn't need a bad host to lose either.
18) Message boards : Number crunching : Bad Hosts (Message 124501)
Posted 194 days ago by Dirk SellstedProject donor
I used to get a kick of seeing how old some of my tasks were, as in "subproject status" -> Oldest unfinished work unit. Then seeing if I had the oldest waiting on a wingman. There was a couple times I was for SOB, GFN 22 and 21, and PSP. Not because I got sent the first unit and took forever but because I was sometimes the fifth person sent the unit and the first to give the correct response. However with those I knew it'd not be prime.

I think the frustration is when you have computing horsepower but get dealt the task second. Eg. Gfn 16 I have a 2080ti and the work unit got sent to someone running it as a cpu task and someone giving constant invalids. I would have been the first to return the wu on the GFN in sheer compute time but the cpu got a head start or finished before I was sent it.

While the above can be annoying when your the DC'er on a mega prime (twice but who's counting ;) ... ) I would be very saddened if that opportunity didn't exist. Yes the chances of winning a lottery increase with more tickets. Being a prime finder increase's with better hardware. But always having a chance is what keeps a lot of people here.
19) Message boards : General discussion : A bit of fun - Primegrids very best (Message 118119)
Posted 425 days ago by Dirk SellstedProject donor
I had hit 35000 tasks before i got a dc prime.
20) Message boards : Generalized Cullen/Woodall prime search : GCW Sieve Factors Found (Message 117791)
Posted 440 days ago by Dirk SellstedProject donor
Completed tasks 4334
Credit 2,368,408.43
Factors found 14 (avg. 0.0032/task)

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