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1) Message boards : Problems and Help : Too many work units keep coming in (Message 120324)
Posted 1607 days ago by Profile Clint
Ok, thanks for the feedback. Yeah I process cpu and gpu tasks but it was typical to get maybe a dozen tasks combined. When I started seeing 70+ it looked like a problem. Good to know it doesn't affect the project when having to reassign WU's at the expire date. Typical GPU task is expected 4hrs on my system so getting swamped was alarming. Hopefully I'm not spending hours crunching expired ones.
2) Message boards : Problems and Help : Too many work units keep coming in (Message 120315)
Posted 1608 days ago by Profile Clint
My settings in this project and BOINC manager are to have .5 days work, with up to .5 day extra and I crunch PPS Sieve. I had to abort 36 jobs today due to time deadline. Then it just fetched 72 new work units. My slow little GPUs may come close to completing this work but it looks like I'll have to abort some more in a few days. How do I break this cycle and get reasonable amount of work at a time? Thanks
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