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1) Message boards : AP26 - AP27 Search : AP26 for your Playstation 3 (or other Cell/BE / Linux machine) (Message 18430)
Posted 3761 days ago by Loewie
No particular reason no; just the habit of using the account manager to handle all
projects I participate in...

I was wondering if it had to do with trying to get SETI to work in this client...
As right after this message
06-Oct-2009 01:27:04 [---] Attaching to
the client seems to have crashed...

Well, I'll keep an eye on it anyway... client is running ok for 12hours now.

2) Message boards : AP26 - AP27 Search : AP26 for your Playstation 3 (or other Cell/BE / Linux machine) (Message 18420)
Posted 3761 days ago by Loewie

Since GPUGrid closed for PS3, I joined Primegrid. (so about a week now);
I got everything running, as described in this thread, but yesterday my PS3 encountered an error, and the BOINC client stopped running.
I'm not really sure if here's the right place to post it, but maybe someone else saw this kind of behaviour too?
(fyi: after restarting the boinc_client, everything is running smoothly again, ... we'll see for how long...)

Last bit of log from the client:
06-Oct-2009 01:26:53 [PrimeGrid] Finished upload of ap26_15838085_15838088_0_0_0
06-Oct-2009 01:27:02 [---] Contacting account manager at
06-Oct-2009 01:27:04 [---] Account manager: BAM! User-ID: 72641
06-Oct-2009 01:27:04 [---] Account manager: BAM! Host-ID: 187069
06-Oct-2009 01:27:04 [---] Account manager: This host connected 9 times to BAM!
06-Oct-2009 01:27:04 [---] Account manager contact succeeded
06-Oct-2009 01:27:04 [---] Attaching to
SIGSEGV: segmentation violation
Stack trace (8 frames):

That segmentation violation (-> attempt to use a memory address that doesn't belong to the process trying to access it) could be caused by:
- a programming error
- mismatching library and/or binaries

So far my troubleshooting... (read: looking up on the net)
Any ideas/hints on how to prevent this?

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