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1) Message boards : General discussion : Logo for Primegrid page (Message 102134)
Posted 1586 days ago by mariusz
I agree with Dave.

Logo for PrimeGrid should remain simple, fitting into website layout
2) Message boards : Problems and Help : gpu usage (Message 101919)
Posted 1591 days ago by mariusz

according to my observations, tasks AP27 are not recommended while computer is using to browsing/watching/gaming (i have gtx 950 2gb - ap27 takes 1,4gb maybe that's the reason). PSP Sieve is much lighter. It uses a lot of less graphic card power (temperatures are also lower). Between PSP sieve and AP27 are GFN tasks. Browsing is still viable but slightly stutters, video works just fine.

Maybe it will be useful. It is important for me cause i have got only one PC ^^
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