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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Project missing in BoincStats (Message 143465)
Posted 688 days ago by Profile Marsinph
A few days ago I had to change my email address and Password. I have lost over 2.5Billion credits overall and 18 projects are not showing in the stats.
Please confirm that my stats are exported and the XML details are correct.

Hello "old chap" Old = in the recent past !

I am surprising about your post.
You have a enormous knwonledge about BOINC. You are ine of the less youg on it.
I think, by changing your mail , your PID also changed. And of course your CPID.
If you use the Boinc Manager, by sync between BoincStat and PRJ, BoincStats find your CPOD not more. Wuth results of lost of CR and also negatuve CR.

I had the same problem (more worst as team founder, you know who I am)
You crunch everywhere. Like me.

My solution was to disconnect all my hosts from BOINCStats (on line, directly on my Internet account. Then PRJ by PRJ, change my mail. PID not change), I repeat : PID
Then PRJ one aftyer the other on all PRJ doing the same. The goal is to change mail. PUD stay the same. You knon it. Then when done on all PRJ. I repeat ALL, change your mail on the host who stayed on line.
On this one also change mail. POD will change, you know it. Then detach all hosts and send a renewal CPID. I hope I am clear.

By the way, happy to read you.
Stay safe.
Greetings from Belgium.

2) Message boards : Number crunching : A "ghost" user !? (Message 143464)
Posted 688 days ago by Profile Marsinph
Hello everyone.
Like on sprint on Rake, it seems one user play false !
A user 'aninyme" at start of sprint have ceate a few hosts and have also take thousand of WU.
No any WU are returned. I can understand some "tactital bunkering" for his team.
On rakje, the thousand were cancelled after the end of SETIBZH/Sprint.

So far I know, the very honnest limitation was about 100WU/GPU and 300/CPU (not core) still was effectieve. Seem not more.

On one of my host (925907), who only can connect twice a day, I returened 227 WU, only 8 are validated. All other are waiting "wingman" the same host (1013686) with no any retirned results from the 1591 WU downloaded
The problem of this host is that PrimeGrid, detect a Ryzen 2990WX CPU with 64, yes sixty four GPU (nVidia GTX 1660Ti. running a strange Linux (20.04 LTS)

If this user for some reason can not connect or stay online , No any problem. Or use "bunkering", for tactical reasons, also OK.
But not stock WU and cancel AFTER end of comp├ętition.

Look the forum on Rake, at latest Sprint. ine team, hace accused a other team for false playing.

Conclusion : I suggest ti keep the previous limit about amount WU by CPU (or GPU)
Limitation in deadline seem for me not a good idea. My hosts runs 24/24. In my team, some runs only a few hours/day.

Best regards everyone, and for US, Brazil, citizen's, please stay at home, use a mask.
Everyone is free. But in the world sanitair situation, we all of us need to be very very..very...very.. carefull.

Good crunch everyone

PS english is not my native language and I am half blind !
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