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1) Message boards : Number crunching : New PrimeGrid Policy - Monetization of BOINC credit (Message 122068)
Posted 1381 days ago by AgentQ
I have been with Primegrid (and others) for years. All that crunching takes electricity which has a significant cost. (there is also the amount of heat generated - okay if you live in a cold climate - I don't) I am at the point of switching off!

Along comes Gridcoin which offers reward for doing science. But the reward is tiny in comparison to actual electricity cost so in essence I am still making a significant loss. (In fact I my Gridcoin total worth has gone backward given current prices)

If you are in Gridcoin to make money - you are on the wrong track!
Given that Gridcoin will not make you rich from doing science, I don't see a problem with Gridcoing supporting science. Those Sciences not supporting Gridcoin will no doubt lose followers who aren't already financial enough to donate crunching hardware, time, power, cooling and all of their associated costs.

Don't punish the whole community becasue of the criminal deeds of a few.

My decision to continue crunching has become financial - even Gridcoin may not be enough to save my continued crunching.
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