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1) Message boards : Number crunching : World Cup Challenge (Message 118685)
Posted 1525 days ago by Michael & Tona
Long time cruncher, first time poster.... Can somebody explain how the "score" is tabulated? Is it simply a cumulative from each awarded WU?

2) Message boards : Number crunching : gaming the crunching? (Message 118202)
Posted 1546 days ago by Michael & Tona
Cheating also hurts the Gridcoin community, whose main goal is to encourage people to move from useless hashing of cryptomining to something useful (=BOINC). Cryptocurrency mining is estimated to use about 13% of the TOTAL computing power globally, which is a crazy waste of computing power and electricity.

So lets catch the cheaters, but please dont assume that all gridcoiners are cheaters :) This refers to the linked thread where whole team gridcoin was suggested to be to blamed. Most of us are just former or new boincers who want to help solve the wastefulness problem of cryptos.

Thank you for saying this! I am a member of the Gridcoin community and receiving Cryptocurrency is just a perk of something I love to do anyways, helping science, etc. We are not all cheaters :)
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