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1) Message boards : The Riesel Problem : K=2293 reported in top 5k page (Message 148669)
Posted 655 days ago by wwwwww
There is a reported of k= 2293 prime in T5K page. Since this is a conjecture k for TRP, will we just stop working on this k?
2) Message boards : Fermat Divisor Search : Duplicate work? (Message 138709)
Posted 999 days ago by wwwwww
Someone report this prime to t5k page. Isn’t this is the same as our k=11 in DIV project?. Does this mean we’re double checking someone else’s work?
3) Message boards : Number crunching : 2019 Tour de Primes (Message 126414)
Posted 1394 days ago by wwwwww
If someone find a pair of SG primes or twin primes then will it be reported to T5k? If so will it count for Tdp?
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