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1) Message boards : General discussion : Team recruitment thread (Message 45607)
Posted 3992 days ago by Profile Mike*

It`s never too late to join the Star-team ;-)

Boinc stats - Team Forum

So Join us - and share the happy days. ;-)
2) Message boards : Cullen/Woodall prime search : extremely high work times (Message 40802)
Posted 4082 days ago by Profile Mike*
One other note.
You also are crunching PPS Sieve under CUDA..
Boinc calculates their runtime if they were running CPU, but when they are run under GPU and take significantly less time, the DCF gets re-adjusted.
Unfortunately, the DCF is on a per project basis.
So, after running WUs on an "extremely fast machine" and then running on a different type of WU, it doesn't know what to do...
I see it all the time when switching between GPU and CPU here.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : PPS (Sieve) Cobblestone Recalibration (Message 38134)
Posted 4160 days ago by Profile Mike*
2,767.78 seconds on stock clock gtx 295: credits: 4,327.00
as of July 7: 3:03 utc reporting time.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Sub-project "life" expectancy (Message 35348)
Posted 4243 days ago by Profile Mike*
Good luck Steve.

got my silver! a few hours ago. that will be if for me...
needed 2 weeks to get 150k..
5) Message boards : Problems and Help : Update?! (Message 33359)
Posted 4294 days ago by Profile Mike*
It was very frustrating to come in to adjust my preferences.
At first, I was delighted to see that I can change at that level, only to get very frustrated and waste 30 minutes trying to uncheck all the CPU check boxes, only to find them check again, due to poor documentation.
It is also very counter-intuitive the way it is programmed.

(Sorry, I do not consider a thread titled "Update?!" proper documentation. Putting a note in the preferences selection indicating what to check, would have been most useful. And the current "Note: is not really visible.. small font???? should have been bigger.)
6) Message boards : Problems and Help : Update?! (Message 33334)
Posted 4295 days ago by Profile Mike*
Here is what I found.

NVIDIA is checked, not ATI or CPU.
Had unchecked all but the 2 GPU options, and almost all CPUs were automagically checked after I submitted..
Ok, the programmer in me decided to see which is the culprit.

Unchecked 1 cpu at a time and submitted.
After I unchecked Cullen/Woodall Prime Search (Sieve) CPU, then all the CPUs except for a few were automagically checked.

So, that one is your culprit.. could it be that unchecking it sets the defaults???
7) Message boards : Number crunching : The Full Moon Challenge (Message 25141)
Posted 4508 days ago by Profile Mike*
Thanks all for the info.

Even though there were fewer F.M> participants, there is more horsepower in the non-challenge sub-projects that would impact challenges. The big crunchers may not have upgraded, but get enough non-challenge users adding a core, a quad or more, it adds to more load on the server..
8) Message boards : Number crunching : The Full Moon Challenge (Message 25134)
Posted 4508 days ago by Profile Mike*
I am wondering what was the difference between the last PPS LLR wth year of the Tiger vs this one..
Were the WUs longer, were there more hosts, more cores?

If more hosts and cores, that would explain a lot.
9) Message boards : Sicituradastra. message board (Message 24435)
Posted 4543 days ago by Profile Mike*
where did this thread come from???
10) Message boards : General discussion : Team recruitment thread (Message 21255)
Posted 4664 days ago by Profile Mike*

Yes - The team name itself means just That - as people around
here has known for a long time. ;-) - And we are doing Great! Thanx
to all our fantastic members - and good crunchers! ;-D

If you are a first time cruncher,
If you are a long-time-cruncher,
Do you have a single computer,
or do you have a large multi system crunching farm,
Are you in between.
If you are looking for a Special Team to Join,
Join us.

You can join us here in PrimeGrid - and in many other projects.
The question is; Do you dare to join the "Different"-Team? ;-)
(Different can be read in many ways, also)
YOU Make a Difference!

The universe contains all of us. Why shouldn`t We look
for the universe in You... ;-)

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