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1) Message boards : Seventeen or Bust : The SoB Double Check is DONE!!! (Message 113221)
Posted 981 days ago by W
I have another suggestion. This would take more work to set up, but would enormously speed up the double check.

It has to do with Gridcoin. Basically, here is the situation:

Gridcoin is driving a huge increase in computing power on BOINC. Unfortunately, this computational muscle is not being direction at SoB. Why? Well, it has to do with the way Gridcoin rewards are calculated. Basically, the amount of Gridcoin one is rewarded is proportional to one's RAC on a given project, normalized by the total RAC of team Gridcoin on that project. What this means is that one's rewards for crunching on PrimeGrid are completely dominated by GPU-based sub-projects, which typically generate much more RAC than CPU-based ones. Thus, there is little motivation for Gridcoin miners to crunch on SoB.

One way to address this would be to increase credit rewarded for SoB tasks proportionally. Another (much more involved) route would be to spin off SoB as its own BOINC project. I'm certain the latter option would massively increase the rate of the double check.

Anyways, I just wanted to make some suggestions. I'm primarily coming from the standpoint of speeding up SoB, because I find the project incredibly cool. Not trying to be a Gridcoin shill :)
2) Message boards : Seventeen or Bust : The SoB Double Check is DONE!!! (Message 113192)
Posted 982 days ago by W
I'll double down and continue my current speed if I know others are doing the same! It'd be super to get done by summer.
3) Message boards : Seventeen or Bust : The SoB Double Check is DONE!!! (Message 110670)
Posted 1079 days ago by W

No, we're compatible with every version of the SOB client. I'm the one who went through all their available residues and created both the list of candidates that needed testing and the list of residues (up to three different values for each candidate). The SOB project didn't seem to try to match residues. Sometimes that was unavoidable because they waited so long to double check results that their current client was incompatible with the previous one. There's a special validation routine in effect for the SoB DC that can match our residues with any SOB client version. We had previously gotten complete data dumps for the two k values assigned to PrimeGrid (10223 and 67607), so I was able to analyze their data pretty thoroughly. Inconclusive results are due to errors while testing, either on the part of SOB or on the part of our users.

Thanks for explaining! Another stupid question -- what measures are you taking to backup the current results? I'd hate to see the new results lost in the (unlikely) case of a server failure.
4) Message boards : Seventeen or Bust : The SoB Double Check is DONE!!! (Message 110563)
Posted 1084 days ago by W
They're neither unusual nor worrisome. They can be the result of either a calculation error in the original SoB task, or the result of the original task using incompatible software.

Right. If it's a calculation error in the original task, then it's good we're double checking! Based on the previous discussion, though, it seems like most inconclusive results are due to incompatible software?
5) Message boards : Seventeen or Bust : The SoB Double Check is DONE!!! (Message 110552)
Posted 1085 days ago by W

A significant number of the imported residues have been wrong. I've hit quite a few myself.

I've gotten a couple inconclusive ones too, and I haven't even processed that many tasks.
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