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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Évariste Galois's Birthday Challenge (Message 144193)
Posted 889 days ago by Profile spnortonProject donor
Can you explain what "bunkering" is?
I have no idea if I'm doing it or not.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Badges III (Message 135408)
Posted 1200 days ago by Profile spnortonProject donor
I see a number of folks with PSA badges, but I don’t see where to run that project? Is it still a valid project?
3) Message boards : Problems and Help : New monster PC too slow! (Message 114171)
Posted 1874 days ago by Profile spnortonProject donor
Update: Well, I uninstalled BOINC, figuring that BOINC was just confused at all my setting changes, then went back and reset all the BIOS settings to default. Then I re-enabled just the ones I actually needed in order to keep both Win7 and Win10 happy.

THEN I tweaked things a bit... Used the built-in ASRock overclocking suite to bump it up to the recommended "safe" level of 4.4GHz. I also enabled TurboBoost v3.0, though I can't really see what that buys me over the overclocking. I ran into a number of issues going through all this, and I had to reset the BIOS multiple times before it all finally settled down.

I don't care that Tom's Hardware rated this board "highly recommended," I'm never doing another ASRock board again. But I digress...

The system seemed fast again, as measured by my "seat of the pants" measurer. So then I reinstalled BOINC again. I'd already switched tasks to PPS Mega for the February Tour de Primes, so I don't have an exact comparison. But the PC, if left to its own, is taking about 47 minutes to execute 10 Mega tasks. It takes one of my team members about 2 hours to run the same task, and of course, he can only run 4 of them in that time. I don't know what times others are taking, but it seems as quick as it should from my perspective.

The CPU cores themselves are running at 55 -71 degrees C with my cooling. Not sure if that's too hot or not, but at least it's all working for the moment. Appreciate the responses.
4) Message boards : Problems and Help : New monster PC too slow! (Message 114018)
Posted 1876 days ago by Profile spnortonProject donor
I've just built a new PC on Intel's X299 platform running an i9-7900 CPU, and was hoping this would be a killer number cruncher... but I'm not at all happy with the performance.

Samsung 960 M.2 drive, 32G RAM, GEForce 1070 GPU, and have overclocked to 4.4GHz. I've set the BOINC Manager parameters to 50% CPU, up to 100% of the time. The trouble is, my old i7-4771 is crunching faster!

Times for ESP are over 2 days! I had BOINC Manager rerun the CPU benchmarks, and the estimated times got worse!!

Clearly I'm doing something wrong!
Here are my system specs... Appreciate any suggestions.

MB: ASRock X299 Taichi
CPU: Intel i9-7900K Skylake-X 10 core 3.3GHz LGA 2066
CPU Cooler: Corsair Hydro H80i
Memory: G.Skill TridentZ 4x8GB DDR4 3200 (PC4 25600)
HDD (OS drive primary Win10): Samsung SSD 960 Pro (NVMe) 1TB
HDD (OS drive secondary Win7): SSD Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500GB
HDD (Data): 2x4TB WD Gold Enterprise 7200 rpm as RAID1
PSU: Corsair HX1000 CP-90201-NA 1000W Platinum
Graphics: MSI GEForce GTX 1070 Gaming X
Optical drives: 2x Pioneer Blu-Ray burner BDR-209DBK
Card reader: AFT XM-37U USB 3.0 Kiosk
Case: Cooler Master CM Storm Scout 2 Advanced SGC-2100-KWN3
Fans (additional): 2xCorsair ML120 Pro LED CO-9050043-WW 120mm Blue

Windows 10 Build: Windows 10 Pro 64bit, version 1709, OS Build 16299.192

Note: The 960 can dual boot into Win10 or Win7, but I'm running BOINC in the Win10 partition.
The 950 drive is Win7 only and is simply an "emergency" bootable drive in case the NVMe drive has a catastrophic failure.
5) Message boards : Problems and Help : Unable to download new tasks (Message 108028)
Posted 2132 days ago by Profile spnortonProject donor
Started a few days ago... My PC seems to get "stuck" downloading a new task, and NO new tasks are downloaded. If I abort the task, then new tasks will download, until they complete, then the cycle repeats.
I've tried suspending the whole project and then restarting it, but that doesn't fix it.
It appears that maybe the Genefer tasks are the culprit here.
It also MIGHT only be happening with my PC that has an nVidia GPU...
6) Message boards : Problems and Help : How to post team logo (Message 106902)
Posted 2169 days ago by Profile spnortonProject donor
Ah, slightly different "tags."
Thank you!
7) Message boards : Problems and Help : How to post team logo (Message 106890)
Posted 2169 days ago by Profile spnortonProject donor
Hahaha Well, that certainly works here!
Tags for html in the description are supposed to be the "greater than" and "less than" brackets, but here on the message board, it wants square brackets... I've tried both over on the Team Description page and neither works..
8) Message boards : Problems and Help : How to post team logo (Message 106889)
Posted 2169 days ago by Profile spnortonProject donor
I'm unable to add our team logo (.jpg) in our team description. I've tried using the "limited html tags" specifically <img></img> but it only displays the text location instead of the pic. I see other teams have done it... What am I missing?

Here's the image location... let's see if it shows up here:

9) Message boards : Number crunching : Summer Solstice Challenge (Message 95925)
Posted 2466 days ago by Profile spnortonProject donor
We at Alien Prime Cult are ready to crunch! ;-)
10) Message boards : News : PPS Mega Prime! (Message 94947)
Posted 2507 days ago by Profile spnortonProject donor
I red that announcement to my wife.
She looked at me and said " Your such a geek." LOL

One thing I noticed is I have a E5-2670 I believe at 2.9ghz with turbo.
The doublec-hecker has a i7-4790 At 3.6ghz maybe faster with turbo.
My time was 1:36 vs their 2:52 I use Linux they used win7.
Must be the same WU, I am surprised Linux is that much faster.
It is around 1.25 hour difference, that's a huge difference.

Congrats Bill!
I was surprised as well! Not running Turbo, but I AM running Hyper-threading. My team partner has strongly urged me to stop the hyper-threading and just run one task per core, so I've reconfigured. It's my 4th Prime, but 3 have been as double-checker. Wondering if I should just switch to Linux! ;-)

Oh, and I pretty much don't tell anyone I do this... I already have two heads to them. ;-)


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