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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Transit of Mercury Across the Sun Challenge (Message 134828)
Posted 107 days ago by Profile gemini8
Very many thanks to the PrimeGrid team!
Thanks to the competitors as well!
Great race!
Hope to see you all back for GFN!
2) Message boards : Number crunching : World Maths Day Challenge (Message 133923)
Posted 135 days ago by Profile gemini8
Many thanks to the team and all participants!
3) Message boards : Number crunching : World Maths Day Challenge (Message 133916)
Posted 135 days ago by Profile gemini8
How do you abort tasks remotely?

The same way you do anything remotely. [...]

You can also abort not started tasks via an account manager if you have your machine attached to one.
I'm using BAM!, and it lets me do so.
Quite handy, if you ask me.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Oktoberfest Challenge (Message 133195)
Posted 156 days ago by Profile gemini8
Congrats to our lucky finder!

In your posting 'The AP26 will be listed' should be 'The AP27...', I think.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Oktoberfest Challenge (Message 133140)
Posted 157 days ago by Profile gemini8
Thanks a lot! :-)
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Better multi-threading (Message 132423)
Posted 183 days ago by Profile gemini8
For me nothing seems to change apart from the fact that I have to go over my app_config files to apply the plan_class, as I use hyper-threading, but not on all of my machines.
Just switching the Boinc manager to only run on the number of physical cores is an option I don't want to use on anything than my main machine because it limits the throughput of other projects' tasks that actually benefit from running on all threads.
Having my machines running unattended has me needing to tweak things to the best and not to the options the server gives me.

Thanks anyway for making things easier for users that don't want to fiddle with complicated stuff!
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Better multi-threading (Message 132306)
Posted 188 days ago by Profile gemini8
Atm I'm running an SOB with added plan_class, but without having duplicated the app_version part, and without having restarted Boinc.
Working fine so far with multi-threading still being used.
So, duplicating might not be necessary.
I'll be keeping you updated after restarting Boinc.
For security reasons I won't further test this while running this SOB. ;-)

If that hyper-threading detection stuff would run I'd be quite happy.
Well, nearly flawless Boinc documentation and stuff that should work and doesn't are nothing new to me...
8) Message boards : Number crunching : LLR 3.8.23 Testing (AVX-512) (Message 131938)
Posted 201 days ago by Profile gemini8
Before we can roll out the new apps to BOINC, we need to do some thorough testing.

Judging by the lack of volunteers for the BOINC tests, [...]

I'm usually only frequenting the forums if I need something or if someone points me to a certain posting or thread. I have just now found this one by chance.
Also, I don't like fiddling with config files too much. Regarding this the Boinc client's GUI is so limited. Could be much nicer, but instead of implementing it we have a Boinc wiki with a lot of complicated stuff. Well, not a PrimeGrid, but a Boinc issue.
So, for both reasons I'm not the ideal guy to do manual testing. ;-)

But, I've told Boinc to get test work from about any project that might want to send some to me. I'm certain other people did this as well. Afair it is possible to send individual test work to individual users or machines.
Can't this feature be used in the future?

Might it be useful to setup a beta project just like Einstein, Rosetta and Seti did?

Can you deduct the app_config.xml's settings from the work-unit's output?
If so, it should be possible to run test work accordingly.
9) Message boards : Problems and Help : Preferences vanished (Message 131113)
Posted 227 days ago by Profile gemini8
Thanks for your answers.
I've been using BAM! for quite a while now (in fact, some years) without any problems other than having to deal with
a) Boinc Managers that are too old,
b) Einstein.

For a) the problem is that the older Boinc clients don't act on the features that BAM! uses as originally intended by Boinc, so the only preference BAM! propagates that I can use properly is the default one. For all newer Boinc Clients I can have other preferences, so I use one for each machine and the default one only for my Debian system that uses Boinc version 7.6.33.

Talking about b) now, Einstein went to ignore my generic, home, school and work preferences some weeks ago. This wasn't the first time they sent me work for Nvidia GPUs or CPUs although I had told the server to only give me AMD GPU work, and now I posted this on their forums as this repeatedly happened. One of the moderators told me it might have been some other project's or BAM!'s fault, but then a fellow cruncher added that this behavior might occur due to killed preferences. I investigated this (well, I had a look at my preference pages) and saw that this was the same that seemed to have happened to my prefs, as they disappeared after saving them - again and again. While I did not receive a message that there were no preferences for the generic set of prefs the settings also changed themselves.

Now I'm here, and my home, school and work preferences are gone although it was no problem to use them since about the beginning of this year.
On BAM! I don't use home, school and work prefs, only the default set and sets for each machine that are called after each machine and did not temper with home, school and work on this project.
To me this seemed to occur only after Einstein again messed with my prefs.

Thanks for reading.
10) Message boards : Problems and Help : Preferences vanished (Message 131097)
Posted 227 days ago by Profile gemini8
Hi guys.
I just noticed that my home, school and work preferences have disappeared.
It was only this year that I introduced this system to my machines, and after I took them all out of other preferences than the standard one I now haven't any of them anymore.
Is there a reason for this, or is this behavior incorrect?

Thanks in advance.

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