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11) Message boards : Project Staging Area : The 121 project is almost finished (Message 149422)
Posted 630 days ago by Allen Paschke
What is your estimate on how much longer the 27, Factorial and Primorial Prime Searches will continue to remain active?

Will any of these Prime Searches run on an Intel Graphics 620 GPU?
12) Message boards : Number crunching : Sier"pi"nski's Birthday Challenge (Message 149295)
Posted 635 days ago by Allen Paschke
I agree with freestman. Each of my 3 computers, each running a SOB task with all 4 threads, will complete one SOB task during the challenge. It will take each computer 6 - 7 days to complete a task.

If the goal of the challenge is to concentrate on SOB, how about more than 10 days?
13) Message boards : Wieferich and Wall-Sun-Sun Prime Search : Any idea on WU times CPU vs. GPU? (Message 146216)
Posted 728 days ago by Allen Paschke
Runtimes and credit are intended to be similar to AP27.
Credit will be 4000 credits per task, unless we change the task size.

Now that WW tasks have been completed, are you considering modifying the credit?
- AP27 --- 27.5 hours average CPU time --- 4,043 credit
- WW --- 77.4 hours average CPU time --- 4,000 credit
- ESP --- 78.3 hours average CPU time --- 11,575 credit
14) Message boards : General discussion : Philosophical Question (Message 143912)
Posted 791 days ago by Allen Paschke

Thank you. That makes alot of sense.
15) Message boards : General discussion : Philosophical Question (Message 143904)
Posted 791 days ago by Allen Paschke
For these 8 projects, here’s the number of prime numbers discovered in the past 5 years --- 0 for 321, 0 for CUL, 2 for ESP, 5 for GCW, 1 for PSP, 1 for SOB, 1 for TRP and 1 for WOO.

Now that LLR2 is running a “short” double check, using about 1% of the CPU time that the “full” LLR test requires, what are the pros and cons of running LLR2 double checks tasks first, then if LLR2 verifies a prime number, run the “full” LLR task?

If this LLR2 strategy were to work, PrimeGrid could determine if many more numbers are prime in each project:
- Does LLR2 ever not verify a prime number that LLR has discovered?
- I would assume that LLR2 may determine that erroneous numbers are prime numbers, but LLR would verify if it’s a prime number?
- Is there any knowledge of the probability of LLR2 missing a prime number?

Philosophical Question --- Is it better to run many more tasks to try to find a prime number, and possibly missing a prime number OR continue the current more thorough methodology?
16) Message boards : Project Staging Area : PRPNet Help (Message 143646)
Posted 801 days ago by Allen Paschke
I tried to set up PRPNet on a 32-bit Windows 10 Professional PC.

When I try to run PRPNet, I get a message that MSVCR110.dll can't be found.

Any ideas on what I did wrong?
17) Message boards : 321 Prime Search : 321 Sieve is being SUSPENDED (Message 143566)
Posted 803 days ago by Allen Paschke
Is there another sieve that will be opened in the near future?
18) Message boards : Sophie Germain Prime Search : Increase n to make it to T5K? (Message 142442)
Posted 843 days ago by Allen Paschke
Why not keep SGS "as is" and create a SGS-MEGA.

There's PPSE, PPS and MEGA.

There's GFN "regular" and MEGA.
19) Message boards : Generalized Fermat Prime Search : GFN-15 MEGA Prime Search starts June 27, 2020 (Message 141313)
Posted 886 days ago by Allen Paschke
stream: are the stats for GFN15 updating every 6 hours?

Yes, although the point of update is slowly drifting forward (this is a "feature" of built-in Boinc scheduler).

(Note that on the first day they were updated randomly, sometimes by cron, sometimes by me manually for debugging. And the graph need at least 2 days of data to draw a visible line).


There may be a "bug" with the GFN15 Stats Report. I ran 4 tasks between 17:00 and 19:00 GMT yesterday, which were successful, but I do not appear on today's GFN15 Stats.

Also, at some point will you show primes found?
20) Message boards : Number crunching : Badges III (Message 137454)
Posted 1031 days ago by Allen Paschke
Any thoughts on adding Badges for Total Prime Score, such as 100 (Bronze), 200 (Silver), 500 (Gold), 1000 (Amethyst), 2000 (Ruby), 5000 (Turquoise), etc., etc., through Double Emerald. We are here to find Prime Numbers!!!!

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