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1) Message boards : Project Staging Area : PRPNet Help (Message 143646)
Posted 1 day ago by Allen Paschke
I tried to set up PRPNet on a 32-bit Windows 10 Professional PC.

When I try to run PRPNet, I get a message that MSVCR110.dll can't be found.

Any ideas on what I did wrong?
2) Message boards : 321 Prime Search : 321 Sieve is being SUSPENDED (Message 143566)
Posted 3 days ago by Allen Paschke
Is there another sieve that will be opened in the near future?
3) Message boards : Sophie Germain Prime Search : Increase n to make it to T5K? (Message 142442)
Posted 44 days ago by Allen Paschke
Why not keep SGS "as is" and create a SGS-MEGA.

There's PPSE, PPS and MEGA.

There's GFN "regular" and MEGA.
4) Message boards : Generalized Fermat Prime Search : GFN-15 MEGA Prime Search starts June 27, 2020 (Message 141313)
Posted 87 days ago by Allen Paschke
stream: are the stats for GFN15 updating every 6 hours?

Yes, although the point of update is slowly drifting forward (this is a "feature" of built-in Boinc scheduler).

(Note that on the first day they were updated randomly, sometimes by cron, sometimes by me manually for debugging. And the graph need at least 2 days of data to draw a visible line).


There may be a "bug" with the GFN15 Stats Report. I ran 4 tasks between 17:00 and 19:00 GMT yesterday, which were successful, but I do not appear on today's GFN15 Stats.

Also, at some point will you show primes found?
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Badges III (Message 137454)
Posted 231 days ago by Allen Paschke
Any thoughts on adding Badges for Total Prime Score, such as 100 (Bronze), 200 (Silver), 500 (Gold), 1000 (Amethyst), 2000 (Ruby), 5000 (Turquoise), etc., etc., through Double Emerald. We are here to find Prime Numbers!!!!
6) Message boards : Sieving : Manual Sieving Stats (Message 133073)
Posted 371 days ago by Allen Paschke
Comparing the 20 Sept vs. the 21 Sept Manual Sieving Stats for GFN18:
- I ran no GFN18, so my total "P's" Run remained unchanged at 309
- The Factors Found increased by 4,323 from 1,429 to 5,772
- The Removed from Sieve increased by 1,349 from 467 to 1,816

Does this make any sense, considering I made no GFN18 runs on 20 Sept?
7) Message boards : Sieving : GFN23 manual sieving is opened (Message 132708)
Posted 383 days ago by Allen Paschke
Today (9 Sept 2019), when the uploaded factors were processed, it does not appear that the Manual Sieving Statistics were updated.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Better multi-threading (Message 132551)
Posted 388 days ago by Allen Paschke
Yesterday, I ran some PPSE LLR MT tasks and some SGS LLR MT tasks, using 4 CPUs. On my PC, they are not more efficient.

On my PC, a non-MT PPSE LLR task averages 54 minutes run time, while a MT PPSE LLR (4 CPUs) task averaged 16 minutes. So, 4 MT PPSE LLR (4 CPUs) tasks would run in 64 minutes vs. 54 minutes for 4 non-MT PPSE LLR tasks, 19% additional run time.

On my PC, a non-MT SGS LLR task averages 44 minutes run time, while a MT SGS LLR (4 CPUs) task averaged 14 minutes run time. So, 4 MT PPSE LLR (4 CPUs) tasks would run in 56 minutes vs. 44 minutes for 4 non-MT SGS LLR tasks, 27% additional run time.

Are MT tasks more efficient than non-MT tasks for tasks requiring a long average CPU time?
9) Message boards : Sieving : Curiousity (Message 131745)
Posted 418 days ago by Allen Paschke
Jim, thank you!!!!

Thank you for all your efforts!!!! They are greatly appreciated!!!!
10) Message boards : Sieving : Curiousity (Message 131592)
Posted 423 days ago by Allen Paschke
I am curious and I like to learn.

When I run Manual Sieving for GFN17, for each 1P that I run, approximately 100 lines are written, such as 213888748689316642817 | 120405194^131072+1.
I assume that 120405194^131072+1 is a factor for GFN17.

However, for each 1P, for the approximately 100 records that are written:
- Why are only about 20 records considered factors?
> Why are about 5 of the 20 records removed from the sieve?
- What are the other 80 records?

How is 213888 . . . . from 213888P - 213889P related to 120405194^131072+1?
There is a ā€œCā€ file for restarting with a value of 815920922987789. --- I expected to see a number between 213888P and 213889P
How are the ā€œCā€ file value (815 . . .), 213888 . . . and 120405194^131072+1 all related?

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