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1) Message boards : Number crunching : New PrimeGrid Policy - Monetization of BOINC credit (Message 122041)
Posted 1058 days ago by macroderma
I have been crunching on primegrid for a couple of years, this is my first post

I have been an active participant in BOINC for a decade or so, mainly on SETI in the early days

Just little old me on a couple of PCs and laptops accumulating a credit of 47million

Recently I took advantage of Gridcoin, thinking at least I am not wasting computer time on bitcoin and the larger and more public the gridcoin community becomes the more people will be doing something useful with their spare computer time. The GC has been and will be used for small donations to worthwhile projects

I didn't realise my contribution was a dagger pointed at the heart of the PG project and that my motivation should be regarded as unpure and selfish

Quite frankly the rather churlish way this has been presented and the po-faced comments on this thread means that I will end my association with this project

7 APs discovered and 27 checked

I will take my computer cycles elsewhere, hopefully my contribution will be accepted in the spirit with which it is offered

Good luck with the project
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