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11) Message boards : Number crunching : Mathematics Awareness Month Challenge (Message 116824)
Posted 1384 days ago by wolfemancs
Awesome response! THANKS! I had no idea why some were high and some were low weight, just knew that they were.

But I'm still not sure I'm sold on which we'd rather eliminate. . .

Argument for eliminating High Weight:
It eliminates a ton of candidates, and allows us to get to a higher n faster.

Argument for eliminating a Low Weight:
Each check at a given prime value has roughly the same chance of being prime, and takes a similar time to check. We like the high weight because it gives us more chances to find a prime without the computation getting substantially more difficult. If it's going to take 10,000 tests to find a prime on each of them, the 10,000th test is going to be a lot harder on a low weight.

In the end, it's probably a wash, and we have to find all of them anyway so it's just good to have another k down.

(Thanks again. Not trying to downplay your post. I'll watch that video if you post it. :-) )
12) Message boards : Number crunching : Mathematics Awareness Month Challenge (Message 116816)
Posted 1384 days ago by wolfemancs
It looks like this was a fairly low weight k. (2nd lowest left maybe?)

I can't remember whether if we had our choice we'd eliminate a low or high weight k. Can someone remind me which we prefer and why?

13) Message boards : Number crunching : Year of the Dog Challenge (Message 116057)
Posted 1403 days ago by wolfemancs
Probably should have asked this earlier, but why isn't it starting at 03:21 UTC?

14) Message boards : Number crunching : Happy New Year Challenge (Message 113458)
Posted 1462 days ago by wolfemancs
Three results, all different?
15) Message boards : Number crunching : TRP-Sieve HAS ENDED!!! (Message 107821)
Posted 1712 days ago by wolfemancs
TRP Sieve down to 96 WU in progress, and GCW Sieve only at 235,000ish WU in progress (down from 400,000ish). Does this mean out anonymous benefactor is starting to disconnect the farm?

Any update from them? Were they pleased with the results? Would they consider helping again at some later date?

16) Message boards : Generalized Cullen/Woodall prime search : How are we doing on sieve? (Message 107297)
Posted 1728 days ago by wolfemancs
So bases 109, 41 and 73 were all turned off during the course of the challenge at the beginning of the year because they had been sieved far enough to allow LLR to start ("first optimal" depth.)

With the addition of the anonymous computers to this project while TRP finishes cleanup, I see that all three of those bases have many many tasks currently being processed.

Does this mean that all of the bases have now reached the "first optimal" depth that will allow LLR to start up soon?
17) Message boards : Number crunching : TRP-Sieve HAS ENDED!!! (Message 107025)
Posted 1736 days ago by wolfemancs
If the work generation stays on for a couple extra days because of logistics, will the extra help stay on TRP until work generation stops, or be switched over to GCW Sieve once the targeted depth is reached?
18) Message boards : Seventeen or Bust : SoB Double Checking starting soon (Message 104158)
Posted 1817 days ago by wolfemancs
In response to the P.S.

Do we know if they were matching residues, or just running candidates a second time for the old double check? What % of the total work is n < the highest prime found in the old double check?

If we know they were getting matched residues during their own double check, and it's a month or more of crunching to get to the highest prime found in the double check, then does it make sense to start the double check there? We know they double checked to that n, and while we don't have those results anymore due to the server crash, it's still more like a 3rd and 4th check for those values.

Now if it's a couple weeks work w/ today's computers, or we have no assurances that they were matching residues, and there could still be missed primes in there, then I'm all for having a complete record, but I'd hate to waste months quadruple checking a range.

19) Message boards : Number crunching : 2017 PrimeGrid Challenge Series ideas (Message 102167)
Posted 1860 days ago by wolfemancs
Also, even though the tasks won't be as large as they normally are, PSP and SoB will still be very large tasks...

There probably won't be a PSP challenge next year, but you can expect the SoB challenge to repeat for as many years as it takes to finish the SoB double check. (Yes, sadly I expect the SoB double check to take multiple years.)

Did I miss an official announcement that a SoB double check is a sure thing? Do we have details on when it'll start, whether we'll be doing all remaining k, or just the SoB lost forevers?

I'm excited, SoB is the project that got me into Distributed Computing, but I get impatient waiting for runs to finish. (And I do occasionally like to turn my computer off.)

20) Message boards : Number crunching : Disturbance (Message 100992)
Posted 1887 days ago by wolfemancs
Primegrid preferences page needs updating to the 5 remaining ks? Still lists all 6.

Seventeen or Bust LLR (SOB)
k·2n+1 for k=(10223, 21181, 22699, 24737, 55459, 67607)
NOTE: Very long tasks.

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