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1) Message boards : Number crunching : GFN-21 failing on M1 Mac (Message 152558)
Posted 210 days ago by Tern

Thread 2:

c++filt: for the --format option: Cannot find option named 'gnu-v3'!
atos cannot load symbols for the file genefer_macintel64_3.3.4 for architecture x86_64.

Running MT-4, haven't yet tried single-threaded.

Ran two, 18K and 39K seconds, same error. Doubt this is worth fixing with the imminent demise of multithreaded GFN-21. Need to see if it still happens single-threaded though.
2) Message boards : The Riesel Problem : K = 192971 prime found by Propper (Message 149300)
Posted 483 days ago by Tern
Not speaking for the project - don't know any "official" stance - but just from what I've seen/read I think the only issue is communication. Nobody likes duplicating someone else's work unnecessarily. Nobody "owns" a range to search, but there are sites that try to keep track of who is doing what. You have a HUGE amount of resources, and constantly DO advance the "art" - I'm both envious and impressed! The conflict arises when there's a surprise, when a prime is found in an area nobody realized was being searched by someone else. Then the question is "how sure are we that everything UP to that point was searched and double-checked, so we can safely skip it."

If there truly are no primes in some range, yet it has to be re-searched to be "sure", then it's a whole lot of CPU time used up with no new finds to reward the double-checkers. If it's not possible to provide sieve data or residues to other groups, that's understandable - and PG (or whoever) can decide to skip a range once you've posted a prime if they so decide - there's just a worry that work CURRENTLY being done might be being duplicated elsewhere without knowing it.

Knowing more about what you're doing and how would relieve a lot of minds. You have no obligation to speak at ALL of course - there's just both curiosity about what/how you're accomplishing so much, and concern about possible wasted effort. While some only care about the credits, others are actively seeking primes and will choose subprojects where they have a better chance of being the original finder.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Automatic subproject recommendation for each host (Message 143263)
Posted 661 days ago by Tern
As a Systems Analyst for many years, I always hate to hear (or say) "We can't do that." But in this case, while there are lots of fields in the database that LOOK like they'd be useful, BOINC doesn't collect the data in a consistent, accurate manner. If we did have the time and money to do this analysis, the results would (99.5% likely) be useless. Garbage in - garbage out.

That said, the goal COULD be reached (with enough time and money) - I'd simply write a standalone program that the user could download and run on THEIR SPECIFIC machine, that would run just enough PG-like tasks within it to get the good numbers you'd want, and then spew out recommendations. I can find the programmers with the time, if someone wants to come up with the money! :-)

Honestly, while I'd love to see this myself, I don't think it's worth the investment it would take.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : LLR2 installed on all big LLR projects (Message 143262)
Posted 661 days ago by Tern
There are several Mac LLR2 321 tasks out running now - assuming they verify and nobody hits any problems, the Mac code should be good to roll out to the other subprojects. The actual LLR2 code was thoroughly tested on Mac, it was the wrapper that was a problem and JUST got finished yesterday. So it had, um... minimal testing... The nature of the wrapper though is that if it runs at all, it's probably good to go.
5) Message boards : AP26 - AP27 Search : AP27 Update Testing (Message 141744)
Posted 720 days ago by Tern
B12 and B13 (Mac AVX) were partially tested when the Mac version was compiled: I've completed the remaining tests for those two cells.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Year of the Rat Challenge (Message 138846)
Posted 846 days ago by Tern
I am trying to run this challenge, on my Preferences sheet, it states the CPU effort is disabled? Repeatedly pushing for WU's gets me zero, what is wrong in this scenario?

"Use CPU" probably turned off at the top of your preferences.
7) Message boards : Antarctic Crunchers message board (Message 137704)
Posted 876 days ago by Tern
My goal, which I probably won't hit in 2020 but maybe 2021, is three badges of each color, Emerald down through Ruby. Have two of each color (all) now so quite a ways to go for those top ones!
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Tour de Primes 2020 (Message 137543)
Posted 879 days ago by Tern
Nice display of personal stats.
Would it make sense for this table to be public info on account pages?

And a request for a global page showing a table of percentiles-vs-first percentage for each subproject, to provide context for the personal table.

Maybe I'm confused here... but wouldn't the overall average ALWAYS be 50%? Someone gets it in first, someone second. Obviously when you break it down by account, the person with the fastest hardware gets more firsts, but it's still going to total 50%.
9) Message boards : General discussion : A fun read... and it's FREE for a few days (Message 130113)
Posted 1129 days ago by Tern
Book one is now back to it's regularly scheduled price of $2.99 on Kindle - but remains free through Kindle Unlimited. Paperback and Large Print paperbacks are available as well. I'd like to thank Mike for the kind words and for posting this here!
10) Message boards : Problems and Help : 321 Sieve app doesn't suspen anymore (Mac version) (Message 129709)
Posted 1140 days ago by Tern
Just tested it on Mac as well, suspending did cause it to stop running. :shrug:

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