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1) Message boards : Number crunching : GPU and LLR projects don't work on brand new system. (Message 26367)
Posted 4307 days ago by Maxime Debosschere
Hi everyone,

My new laptop arrived today, and obviously the first thing I did was installing BOINC to get PrimeGrid going.

However, not everything went as it should. First and foremost, my GPU returned this error:
NVIDIA GPU: _("Upgrade to the latest driver to process tasks using your computer's GPU")
I verified on the Nvidia website that my driver is up-to-date.

A second problem is that none of the LLR projects (which are 32bit applications) work. Each work unit seems to run forever. The Windows task manager shows none of the CPU's are in use. The Sieving projects seem to work fine.

I'd like to be active on the AP26 and LLR projects as well, so I hope someone can help me with this.

- Laptop brand and model: Lenovo W510
- OS: Windows 7 64bit
- GPU: Nvidia Quadro FX 880M (driver version 18955, CUDA version 2020, compute capability 1.2, 1024MB, 116 GFLOPS peak)
- BOINC: 6.10.58

I'm happy to provide more system details if needed.

Many thanks,
2) Message boards : Seventeen or Bust : Side bets on wingmen? (Message 24991)
Posted 4363 days ago by Maxime Debosschere
Have a look at this workunit

At the time of writing:
- 1 person has completed it (which is me)
- 2 people experienced an error
- 2 people cancelled the task
- 1 person timed out
- 1 person is still working on it, but the deadline is getting closer (only 5 days left)

What a waste of computer cycles...

The system I used for this task is quite an old one, however it was working 24/7 on this single unit. Even then I didn't make the deadline, but I was lucky to have my work returned "only" three days too late.

This was my my first and definitely my last SoB task, I consider it one of the worst projects around. I did like the native project (contributed 167.12 T jEMs), but here at PrimeGrid it's just not working. At least not with the current test sizes, short deadlines and failure rates.

At the moment I'm working on PPS LLR only, but I'm afraid I'll get new SoB assignments once no work is available. I'd prefer to idle instead of doing one of these tasks again, is there a way I can block this subproject entirely?

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