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1) Message boards : General discussion : Question about electricity (Message 29203)
Posted 3334 days ago by Profile [AF>Occitania>Lengadocian] F5LCU
It is better to test 1 hour with power consumption instead of current (which depends on hard drives and other sporadic current increase).

Try to buy a powermeter for AC primary power, plug only computer and check one hour with and without BOINC to get an idea of differences.
2) Message boards : News : Official release of tpsieve for PPS (Sieve) (Message 28693)
Posted 3344 days ago by Profile [AF>Occitania>Lengadocian] F5LCU
Search function on forum found thid link

Good crunch!
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Proth Prime Search (Sieve) - GPU performance (Message 28553)
Posted 3347 days ago by Profile [AF>Occitania>Lengadocian] F5LCU
For information

Seven 64 bits + ATI 5850 @825Mhz GPU, RAM @ 1000Mhz drivers 10.10
1270 s around 21 min 16s
4) Message boards : Sieving : ppsieve ATI/OpenCL testing (Message 28387)
Posted 3350 days ago by Profile [AF>Occitania>Lengadocian] F5LCU
Try SDK 2.2 instead.
5) Message boards : Sieving : ppsieve ATI/OpenCL testing (Message 28266)
Posted 3353 days ago by Profile [AF>Occitania>Lengadocian] F5LCU
drivers ATI 10.7 does not have OpenCl support, either you install OpenCL or more simple you install drivers 10.10 big files version with Opencl inside (take care the last ones 10.11 seem not to have emmbedded OPENCL drivers)
6) Message boards : Sieving : ppsieve ATI/OpenCL testing (Message 27824)
Posted 3367 days ago by Profile [AF>Occitania>Lengadocian] F5LCU
Here is what I have done so far to make it run on Seven 64bits

Stop Boinc

install ATI drivers 10.9 (but try the 10.10 with OpenCl SDK drivers).

install SDK 2.2 (not needed if 10.10 with opencl drivers)

reboot to get all set properly

download the PPSieve-OpenCL file at the begining of his thread.
inside you have files tu unzip in primegrid subdirectory

tpsieve-cl-boinc-x86-windows.exe (futur part of project i think).

Then you have to create a file app_info.xml (see message 26255 on this thread.
Use notepad to copy and paste and save in same directory

By the way, I have not deleted any other files and I was crunching PPS on cpu before with last application (a big file TRP_20100604.sieveinput is still present.

I have selected only PPS work on my Primegrid account preferences.

Then start again Boinc and check if it runs
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