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1) Message boards : AP26 - AP27 Search : AP26 on ATI Radeon (Message 21580)
Posted 3612 days ago by Profile StandardbredHorse
Hay all,

I was excited when John PM'd me about there being ATI work, even though 'unofficial'. I've only recently gotten a GPU, so I'm kind of a noob on running optimised apps, and there was no help file in the .zip d/l, so I did my best. I'm erroring out - I've read the thread, and can't seem to find a solution (if there is one). I am on:
Windoze 7 64-bit
AMD Turion, dual core
ATI 4550

Can't open init data file - running in standalone mode
AP26 Search 0.4 adapted for ATI GPU by Sebastian Jaworowicz
Code by Jaroslaw Wroblewski

Cannot read AP26-ini.txt !!!
Can't open init data file - running in standalone mode
AP26 Search 0.4 adapted for ATI GPU by Sebastian Jaworowicz
Code by Jaroslaw Wroblewski

CAL Runtime: 1.4.344
Found: 1 device(s)

Device 0: ATI Radeon HD 4350/4550 (R710) 512 MB local ram (remote 1854 MB cached + 1854 MB uncached)
GPU core clock: 500 MHz, memory clock: 300 MHz
Single precision FLOPS: 160000

Starting WU (K= 366384 - 366384 shift 0) on GPU 0
PrimeTest time: 0.052964 Total time: 970.245087
called boinc_finish
Can't set up shared mem: -1
Will run in standalone mode.
AP26 Search 0.4 adapted for ATI GPU by Sebastian Jaworowicz
Code by Jaroslaw Wroblewski

Cannot read AP26-ini.txt !!!

Did I not move everything to where its final destination is supposed to be, did I do something else wrong (fail to install completely and/or correctly), or is there still some dev work to be done? I'd like to run this if at all possible. BTW, since there aren't many projects which use CAL vs. the CUDA, all I can run is Collatz (since my GPU doesn't support dual-prec calculation so is inappropriate for MWay). so that was still running via my BOINC client when I tried the PG install; not sure if that's relevant. It'd be nice to get some PG work up on it.

Thanks in advance for any help and/or insight,

*friendly nickers*
Here is the stderr text:

2) Message boards : General discussion : Team recruitment thread (Message 21155)
Posted 3629 days ago by Profile StandardbredHorse
Hay all,

The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science ( ) is a welcome place not only for distributed computing, BOINC, PG, and stats-oriented individuals, but also for people with a general interest in using the scientific method via logic, reason, and structured investigation and study to solve the most important and difficult problems, and hopefully improve the lives of people worldwide. We believe in taking pride of where you live/are from, but that there are higher priorities than nationalism and crunching 'for your country'.

I'll keep the post short and sweet, for you can find information on the group's background and philosophies at, our message board that covers a comprehensive range of scientific subjects, of which BOINC/distributed computing comprises only a portion of fascinating discussion. We are also proud to have a high rate of participation (almost 250 active members and growing steadily) as well as a diverse range of participants--we equally value those with the slowest and oldest computers as well as those who have the budget to afford the latest state-of-the-art machines replete with the latest in GPU tech and the fastest CPUs. Whatever you can contribute, it is much appreciated, not only for the fun stats comps, but for cooperative contributions to scientific objectives. We maintain a presence in every single BOINC project, are consistently in the top 100 in each (as well as growing exponentially overall, only founded a couple of years ago and now quickly approaching top 100 overall, and in an 'honest' fashion--no cheaters here!), and have a few sub-50 rankings as well, and have achieved this with a hardscrabble group of crunchers - we've come across our numbers not in a flash-pan style with hot comps crunching MW and Collatz to artificially inflate our numbers (not that there's anything wrong with those projects; in fact I crunch both myself, but to exclusively crunch for those projects in hope of generating credits with not much thought for science)- we've achieved exponential growth via steadily adding members and emphasizing group participation. We're an international team, and welcome all regardless of race, creed, colour, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, or any of the other arbitrary stereotypes by which humankind foolishly divides itself.

Thanks for joining our team; we look forward to seeing you on our boards and/or seeing your name on our team list, helping us towards our goal! Any questions before or after joining, feel free to ask anyone, including myself.

*note: We're currently ranked ~#125 in PG, up about 40 positions in just a few weeks and up several positions in just the past couple of weeks). Our PG growth has been exponential, and we are well on our way to becoming among the top contributors to this project (even after a bit of a late start!).

Thanks again,

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