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11) Message boards : Problems and Help : More than 100% (Message 16410)
Posted 4069 days ago by magyarficko
I was not aware that checkpointing was determined by "my settings" ???

Where would I check that? Taking a wild guess .... Write To disk at most every 1 second, switch between applications every 30 minutes.

EDIT: I aborted that previous task in the image I supplied so it never finished, but here's another one that I decided to let run, just to give it a chance ...

2nd EDIT: I run all my BOINC slots in a RAM DRIVE, would that have something to do with it?
12) Message boards : Problems and Help : More than 100% (Message 16398)
Posted 4069 days ago by magyarficko
continued from

That sounds like a reasonable explanation except for one major problem ... on my setup (WinXPHome 32-bit, HT P4 3.0Ghz, client v6.6.36) there seems to be NO checkpointing happening?

13) Message boards : Number crunching : My Very First 321-Seive ??? (Message 16368)
Posted 4070 days ago by magyarficko
Running WinXP 32-bit with v6.6.36 of the client -- is this normal ???

14) Message boards : Number crunching : The Showers to Flowers Challenge (Message 15319)
Posted 4120 days ago by magyarficko
It was a hit for me, but it seems that the data really was incorrect. The problem was incorrect timestamp for the challenge start/end, because of the daylight savings time (I was always against it... and now I have to pay). It was totally my fault, and I appologize to participants and teams who have been affected by the mistake.

The updated stats are now live, please look into them and let me know if you think they are correct now. And big thanks to people who pointed this out to me (especially computerguy09 and fan13027, because I manually counted score for them and used it to check the published score). I am very sorry for the issue.

Thank you! Yes the scores look fine now.

I truly apologize if my previous post sounded too harsh, but you had posted in the BOINCstats forum at 18:08 UTC that corrected scores would be out in the next 15 minutes and prior to 19:00 UTC there were multiple responses (both here and there) that scores were still not correct. That is why when several hours had already passed with no response that I thought something strange was going on.

Congratulations to all teams and all participants on a great challenge. I am looking forward to June.
15) Message boards : Number crunching : The Showers to Flowers Challenge (Message 15302)
Posted 4120 days ago by magyarficko
I'll add my congrats to all participants.

I'll also again ask about the stats and the last hour. I know my personal stats for the challenge haven't changed since the 17:15 update, and I know for sure that I returned some WU's in the 17:30-18:00 timeframe that didn't get added to those totals.


The EXACT SAME situation for me. I return 2 WUs in the last half hour. They do not show up the Challenge stats, but they have already been reported at BOINCstats.

16) Message boards : Number crunching : The Showers to Flowers Challenge (Message 15293)
Posted 4120 days ago by magyarficko
I don't understand .... when can we expect the final results? I haven't seen any changes in the stats since the update at 17:15 UTC !
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